Angelina Jolie as Catwoman?

Good thing Catwoman has nine lives

I just couldn't make myself see the Halle Berry Catwoman movie.  I even had a free ticket from an animated Justice League dvd I bought.  From everything I heard, I made the right choice.  Word is out that Angelina Jolie may be pursuing the role.

Julie Newmar, who played the feline villain in the 1960s Batman television series, said Jolie would make a fantastic Catwoman should the character be reprised.

Ms Newmar, 74, said: "Angelina would own the part. My industry friends tell me she has already made enquiries about the role. I can understand how it would pique her interest. Catwoman is Batman's one true love."

People do like Jolie.  She did a great job in Wanted.  I'd go see a Catwoman movie with her.  I'm sure others would.  This could just be what Batman is hoping for.
Posted by Soragirl7

Even though I think Halle Berry has the look and walk bodily wise to play catwoman, she doesn't have the acting skills, neither the energy that Angelina Jolie would have put into that movie. Angelina at the time was too top heavy for the role of catwoman if you know what I mean. However, her acting skills would made up for that look in a miinutee, and the movie would have been more enjoyable to watch.