Dr. Strange Movie Getting Closer?

Is The Doctor In?

There's been some talk recently over making a live action Dr. Strange movie.  I'm not sure how I feel about it.  He's a tough character to write.  I've read the different series he's had hoping they'd last.  The fact that there isn't an on-going still...going says something.  I did love Brian K. Vaughan's The Oath mini-series.  There he actually became a likable character.  Because of that, I didn't mind him in New Avengers. 

The subject of the Strange's world would be perfect for a movie.  It's just a matter of a writer using some...magic to sell the movie.  He's not a household name so he's not going to bring in Dark Knight or Spider-Man crowds. 

Here's what Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige told MTV:
“I’d say in the next year, year and a half, as we start putting together our film slate for 2012 and 2013, I would not be shocked if we saw Dr. Strange on those lists. I love the idea of taping into the magical realm of the Marvel Universe, which is fairly significant and hasn’t yet seen life on screen.  It’s something I’m very, very interested in,” he emphasized.
What do you think?

Who Is The New Black Panther?

Black Panther Bombshell Hits the Washington Post

There’s a new Black Panther leaping onto shelves this February and she—yeah, you heard us—is already making waves in the mainstream. What’s happened to T’Challa, the previous Black Panther? What does it mean for the future of the Black Panther? And just who is under that mask? For some answers and hints, the men behind this new plot twist sat down with the Washington Post in their first interview--  read what Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada and series writer Reginald Hudlin had to say here:  http://voices.washingtonpost.com/comic-riffs/2008/10/this_just_in_for_2009_the_new.html

There’s a storm brewing in Wakanda, and it hits this February in the extra sized Black Panther #1!

Seems the answer could be right there.

Watchmen Motion Comics Chapter 3 available

Debuting today

Yes, it is.
The next chapter is out.  I'm a still a little on the fence over this.  I do think it's a neat idea.  I definitely say you should do the season pass rather than getting the chapters individually.  If you've just recently bought the trade, I don't know if you'd want to spend another twenty bucks on this but it is another way to enjoy the story.   If you bought this a while ago, maybe it's time to upgrade.

Chapter three of Watchmen Motion Comics debuted on iTunes and Amazon On Demand.  Announced today by Warner Premiere and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, the third chapter is going to be available on Xbox Live and the Sony PlayStation Store over the next several days.  In addition customers of Verizon Wireless who have V Cast and Sprint customers with Sprint TV access can view abbreviated versions of the Motion Comics on their respective services.

Every two weeks a new chapter will debut on these providers.  Chapter 4 of the Watchmen Motion Comics will debut the week of November 3.

Summary of Watchmen Motion Comics Chapter 3:
As the world braces for what could be a doomsday scenario between the United States and Russia, Laurie leaves Dr. Manhattan and goes to Dan for consoling.  Meanwhile, the national media puts Dr. Manhattan under scrutiny, linking him to a rash of cancer deaths, and forcing him to escape to the planet Mars. 
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Cyblade #1 Review/Preview

Cyblade is back!

Cyblade #1 (Cover A)
This is the comic I wanted to win Top Cow's 2007 Pilot Season contest.  Original creators Joshua Hale Fialkov and Rick Mays are continuing where things left off in the Pilot issue.  What I liked about that issue is rather than Cyblade the superhero, we have Cyblade the spy.  This is Cyblade when she's 19 years old and working for Cyberdata.  The Pilot Issue left off where Cyblade was breaking free of Cyberdata's control and found she was developing feelings for her handler, Rashell.  Things started getting (more) complicated when Rashell was targeted to be assassinated for going against Cyberdata and Cyblade is to be the one to do the killing.

Fialkov has said he wants to give this series an Alias type feel (the tv show, not the comic), concentrating on the espinage and action rather than have Cyblade from her Cyberforce days.  (You can read the Comic Vine interview here).

As you can see from the cover, there is a shower scene.  I suppose it makes up for the shower scene in the last issue of Witchblade (with Detective Patrick Gleason).  But that's not the reason to pick up this issue.  You can't help but want to root for Cyblade.  She's being forced to carry out Cyberdata's evil schemes and we can see her in a defenseless state while also kicking butt.  The idea of a villain made up of an evil organization is almost more intimidating than a single bad guy.  You never know what they're going to do. 

This issue does focus a little bit more on Rashell.  Things are going to get interesting in the next issue when we see more of Cyblade's interaction with Jocelyn, a woman who seems to have been responsible for making Cyblade the killer she is today.  Fialkov is setting things up for new readers and those that read the pilot issue.  Rick Mays does a good job with the art.  He has an interesting style that isn't too over the top.

I give this a 4 out of 5.  I suppose I would've liked a little more action with Cyblade but it does a good job bringing everyone up to speed and setting things up for the next issue.

Here's the preview:

Cyblade #1
(W) Joshua Hale Fialkov(A) Rick Mays(Cov) Rick Mays, Kenneth Rocafort

It’s the “season premiere” of one of last year’s Pilot Season winners! You voted for it, you got it! From the pages of Marc Silvestri’s Cyberforce comes a solo series for Cyblade!

Set in the days before she joined Cyberforce, Dominique Thiebaut has been leading a double life. By day she’s an awkward teenager, but at night, a chip in her brain changes her into the deadly master assassin Cyblade. With the ability to create psychic blades of energy, she’s an expert in everything from thieving to assassination, performing industrial espionage for the seemingly benevolent Cyberdata corporation. But with the help of a spy sent to infiltrate the company, Cyblade has broken free from Cyberdata’s control. She must find a way to escape from their clutches for good, all the while trying to discover who she really is beneath.

Cover A – Rick Mays
Covers B – Kenneth Rocafort
Baltimore Comic-Con cover – Kenneth Rocafort
Full Color      32 pages        $2.99       Ongoing Series

Cyblade #1 (Cover B)
Cyblade #1 (Baltimore CC Cover)

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Good News for Sarah Connor

Bad news for Terminators?

Late last Friday Fox informed the cast and crew that the network has ordered a full season for the show.  Seems the show is pulling some strong ratings. 

This is good news.  It's an ambitious show.  They have a lot of people watching, most likely waiting for them to mess up.  Those that were against the idea seem to be dwindling compared to those in favor of the show. 

It's not the best show ever made but I'm enjoying it.  There's not a whole lot of intense action shows on that I can tolerate these days.  They're treating the franchise carefully and I'm looking forward to see where things go.
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You Can Hero Up...In January

So cute you might vomit!

Here's the news we sort of were waiting for

I recently posted a couple images asking if you were ready to "hero up" or "villain up."  Here's what it was about.  I thought they resembled the 'cute' little toy figures.

Looks like there will be a one-shot comic with these guys.  Guess we'll get to figure out who this claw-boy character is (no idea what his name really is). 

I believe there will also be a cartoon in this style too.  Hopefully it won't necessarily be geared towards the pre-school aged viewers.  Sure they need something "safe" enough so their parents will allow them to watch and get to know the heroes.  But if it's too cutesy, I don't think I could handle it.  Maybe I'm being selfish but I need my superhero cartoons too.

Marvel is proud to announce that SUPER HERO SQUAD: HERO UP! One-Shot will be released in January 2009, based on the successful Hasbro action figure line featuring Marvel’s greatest heroes & villains. Written by fan favorite scribe Paul Tobin (Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes) and featuring art by the can’t-miss team of Marcelo DiChiara & Chris Sotomayor, this extra-sized one-shot features all your favorite Marvel characters. Experience the Marvel Universe like never before, as the heroes & villains of Super Hero City clash in epic confrontations! Take a stroll down to the Xavier Institute, past the FF’s Baxter Building…but don’t stray too far, because dastardly Doctor Doom’s domain is the next block over…! Plus, learn more about your favorite heroes with bios and more! This issue ships with two covers—one featuring the heroes of SSH and the other featuring the villains!

Also, don’t miss the SUPER HERO SQUAD POSTER, featuring all the heroes and villains of Super Hero City!

In 2009, comic book fans everywhere will be asking “Are You Ready To Hero Up?” and there’s only one place to find the answers— SUPER HERO SQUAD: HERO UP! One-Shot!

Written by PAUL TOBIN
All Ages …$3.99
FOC—12/18/08, On-Sale—1/7/09
24 x 36... $8.99
FOC—12/11/08, On-Sale—1/7/09

Lil' G-Man Amazing Spider-Man #573

Amazing Spider-Man #573

After a little technical problems, here's the video!

Okay here's a little story.  Lil' G-Man made us a video this morning.  I had some family things to do and tried uploading the review on youtube on my way out the door.  I checked later on my iPhone and the video wasn't showing up.  Finally when I get home, I try uploading it again.  Then I notice a little thing that youtube videos can't be more than 10 minutes (never mind the fact that a couple of the Lil' G-Man's review have crept past 10 minutes).  I'm not really sure how he talked for over ten minutes on just a single comic but he did. 

Finally I found another site that wasn't so...stingy on the length of videos you can upload.  So this week's review is being brought to your courtesy of Veoh.  Seems they have quite a few programs uploaded on their site.  Sorry for the delay.

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(Motion) Capturing the Incredible Hulk

Check Out How Hulk's Movements Were Created

Universal sent over this little video showing how the motion capture process was used to create the Hulk's movements.  You've probably seen the process before but it's still pretty cool how they're able to do it.

What's really cool is one of the 'special features' on the DVD (in stores Tuesday 10/21) where they show a new process that actually maps facial movements.  Edward Norton's entire face had to be covered with this goo that served as the little ping pong ball thingies they use in body movement.  So when you see Hulk growl or look bewildered, that was really Norton's expressions.

Here's the video on body movement.

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Kevin Smith...in Space?

Who Wouldn't Want a Sci-Fi Comedy?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kevin Smith is interested in doing a Sci-Fi comedy.   Seems only natural.  There's been so many Star Wars references in his films.  This seems like it's a given. 
The film will reference other sci-fi movies and revolves around a father-son relationship. Smith has nodded to the genre in his earlier work but never made a sci-fi film.

The only problem is the budget.  Despite his greatness at writing and directing movies, they're not really known for their huge box-office draw.  A studio isn't going to simply throw mounds of cash in his direction to make a movie like this.

Hopefully his latest, Zack and Miri Make a Porno (with Seth Rogen) will do well in order to give him more of a leg to stand on.

Would you like to see a Kevin Smith Sci-Fi?
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More Star Trek 11 Photos

Here comes the Enterprise

I'm starting to get excited

Entertainment Weekly was kind to send over some more photos for the next Star Trek movie.  I'm a bit ashamed to admit that I never got around to seeing the last two Star Trek movies.  I always wanted to but it just never happened.  There wasn't a big longing urge to see them.  I will someday. 

This movie is a different story.  I'm actually looking forward to it.   I know the Star Trek purists will say that this is just wrong.  The originals shouldn't be re-done.  I say, why not?  Time and life goes on.  In order for the franchise to not simply fade away, we need new life, a new interpretation. 

I know I'll be beaming down to the theatre to see this when it comes out. 

Click over to EW's website to see more photos.

Zachary Quinto as Spock
Eric Bana as the evil Romulan Nero
Full cast of the Enterprise
John Cho as Sulu
Some things never change...

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