San Diego Comic-Con 2009: The Quest For Food

I'm still recovering from everything that went into being at San Diego Comic-Con.  We are down to our last few videos.  This one I didn't really feel was 'news-worthy' but wanted to share what it's like just trying to walk through the exhibition hall.  And this wasn't even during one of the more busier moments.



ComicVine Is Making Plans For San Diego Comic Con

Sure Comic Con isn't until July but now is the time to start thinking about it.  This morning at 9 am PT, the hotel booking site was opened.  Even though I was on my computer and got into the 'queue' before 9 am, I still had to wait for an hour and forty minutes.  (The system was upgraded this year so I just had to keep a screen open and could still work). 

The good news is, I was able to get some rooms.  Yes, that was plural.  Last year I went solo (you can see my coverage HERE).  This year I will have some company.  As far as who, I'm not going to reveal that just yet.  We do have some surprises in store.  We will be there full force.  We will give you the coverage that you'll want to see.

It's going to be crazy.  Four day passes are already sold out.  If you plan on going, get on it now.

Stay tuned for more information.

Comic Vine on Madman Store Poster

People love Madman
A couple weeks ago I went into my local comic shop.  The owner knows I'm a huge Madman/Mike Allred fan.  Image Comics had sent a poster for Madman Atomic Comics with a bunch of testimonials from different people in the industry stating how great the comic is.  She knew I'd want it and gave it to me. 

I glanced at a couple of the quotes but didn't have time to fully unfold the poster.  Right before I left for Disneyland, I decided to read more of the quotes.  To my surprise, I saw mention of Comic Vine.  When I interviewed Mike Allred back in April, I had mentioned that I was a "big fan."  Image took that and slapped in on the poster. 

To me, that's awesome.

"Big Fan"? Darn right I am
Not only is it my quote that appears on it but it's really cool to see Comic Vine mentioned.  I only see Comic Vine from my side of the computer screen.  There are times when I talk to different people, in and out of the industry, and they say that they know of the site.  It's hard for me to be aware of how much exposure we have as a site.  We are growing every day.

So next time you're in a comic store, see if they have the poster hanging.  You can tell the person working there that you know the dude that said he was a "Big fan."

I'm kinda looking forward to this

It might be a little geared for the younger crowd but from what I saw at Comic-Con, it just looks fun.  Having a five-old-daughter also gives me an excuse to watch this.  I'm all for the comic related cartoons on tv, as long as they don't suck.  I love the style they chose along with the colors.  It's not Dark Knight, but Batman wasn't always such a dark character.  This is totally a homage to the Dick Sprang days.  That alone is a reason to watch it.

I'm in Disneyland

Just letting everyone know that I took the family to Disneyland this weekend (as I mentioned in my last video).  Obviously I'm soooo dedicated that I'm taking time in between the magic to make sure everything is still cool here.  I'm also keeping tabs on the site through my iPhone.  Wish you all were here.


So Why Exactly Was Terrence Howard Replaced?

See ya, buddy
There's been speculation floating around now.  At first it was about money.  It was made to sound like he wanted more.  Everyone was quick to boo him.  Then he said that he was surprised (in an interview) when he found out he wasn't coming back. 

What "Hollywood insiders" are saying now is it was his fault...sort of.  It seems Mr. Howard was a little difficult on the set.  Whether or not that's true, it's also been mentioned that because he was one of the first actors signed, he earned more than the others, including Robert Downey, Jr.  Entertainment Weekly also reported that supposedly Favreau and his producers were "ultimately unhappy with Howard's performance, and spent a lot of time cutting and reshooting his scenes."
As such, when Favreau and screenwriter Justin Theroux went to map out the sequel they found themselves minimizing Howard's story line. Once Marvel learned that Favreau was thinking of curtailing the role, the studio went to the actor's agents with a new and drastically reduced offer — a number that's similar to what supporting cast members were paid for the first movie. The agents, according to sources, were so taken aback by this new figure — estimated at somewhere between a 50 and 80 percent pay cut — that they questioned it.

There still hasn't been an official comment from Favreau or Marvel about these accusations.  I do want to see some War Machine action in the sequel.  Terrence Howard did a good job in the first but it can't be said that he made the movie the success that it was.  It's a bummer to see him go but I'm still looking forward to the sequel.

Peanuts Motion Comics on iTunes

Warner Premiere Offers Free Download

As part of Warner's increasing digital comics, they will be offering the first two episodes of their Peanuts Motion Comics for free for a limited time.  You can watch them on your iPod, iPhone, PC or mobile phone.
The initial episodes of Peanuts Motion Comics are based on comic strips drawn in the year 1964.  The stories are pulled from these strips and developed into three to four minute videos containing all-new flash animation by the award-winning Studio B.  The Peanuts Motion Comics consist of 20 episodes bundled in pairs with each short consisting of a different theme culled from the classic comic strip.  These include the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown’s baseball team, A Christmas story, Valentine’s Day, Charlie Brown’s first crush, Snoopy
Peanuts Motion Comics are now available exclusively on iTunes.  The cost of two bundled episodes is 99 cents or a full Season Pass for $7.99.  I've been told they should be up soon.  They'll be under TV Shows, Classic, Peanutes Motion Comics.
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Halloweenie Art Contest Winners!

Okay, sorry for the delay.  We've had some debate going on about who we wanted to win.  Guess that's the problem with me allowing Cascader and LAMP to have some feedback rather than just choosing a winner myself. 

First Place

Wolverine as the Playmate

Here is your prize:
20 assorted comics from my personal collection
A never-worn-before 1992 Death Of Superman t-shirt (still in the package)

Second Place

Dark Walker said:
Batman dressed in Iron Man costume.

Here's your prize:
10 comics from my personal collection
No real reason this was selected, I figured, what the heck?

Now because of all the great art, it was hard to just narrow it down to two.  So I made the decision to include a

THIRD place winner

EGoD said:
"Okay, I finally finished this, trying to get requests done too so I just whipped it out.  Emma's worst nightmare

As for a prize...I hadn't planned on a third place when I left my house this morning.  So I'll send ya a few comics as well.

Congrats to all the winners and I have to say everyone did an awesome job.  It was a little...interesting at the number of cross-dressing entries.  Maybe that says something about the users here?  I'm not judging.

So I need IcePrince_X, Dark Walker and EGoD to pm me your name and mailing address and I'll send out your loot this week.

I think it's safe to say we will be doing another artistic contest again soon.