Watch The Empire Strikes Back - 50s Style!

This is pretty dang cool. This dude named Ivan Guerrero (no relation) made a trailer for what The Empire Strikes Back would have looked like in the 50s. While he did an awesome job putting this together from other existing movies, keep this in mind next time you complain about the special FX in a movie. Ivan has some other cool videos you should check out as well.


The Empire Strikes Back...With A Laugh Track

Normally I can't stand laugh tracks.  After a while, I sometimes manage to block it out.  I never understood the point.  Is the purpose telling when I'm supposed to find something funny?  Is the material not funny enough to speak for itself?  
I saw this following clip on the internets a week or so ago.  Imagine, Star Wars...with a laugh track.

I have to say that it actually works.  Seeing this scene with a laugh track did make me laugh.  Does this defeat all my years of being anti-laugh track?

Comic Vine Makes The News

Headline: A Great Website:

Have you ever wondered about the history of Comic Vine?  How did this site get started?  Chris Nikolopoulos wrote up a nice article answering some, if not all of your Comic Vine questions for the San Francisco Examiner.
Here's an excerpt from th article:

"What makes this website stand out is not only that it brings timely news and information to its readers. You can do that on any website. But, something different about Comic Vine is that its online community helps make up the experience for anyone who visits. Its readers are as bit as important as those who run the site."

Pretty cool stuff.
Read the full article here: 
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