Latest X-Men: First Class Poster...

Ever since we first started hearing about the next X-Men movie, most of us have been wondering what is going on. An X-Men reboot film that's been said to not be a reboot film, taking place in the past and causing conflicting backgrounds for some character (since Emma Frost apparently was in Wolverine Origins). The first official trailer we had for X-Men: First Class gave the film some promise. I'm not sure where exactly the movie is going but I do want to see what they do with it.

A new one-sheet has made its way online. As with the first group banner and other one-sheets, the use of photoshop is pretty apparent.

Is it just me or do some of the characters look like they have big heads?

What if you combine Angry Birds and Batman?

Angry Birds are popular now. Even at my daughter's school kids are playing it on the playground (she told me that one kid is the pig and the other kids have to chase and bump into him). Batman is also popular (seems people like him, right?). What happens if you combine the two? Bite Club (via Bleeding Cool) lets us know. 
Check out the rest of their designs (click to enlarge). Can you name all the characters without clicking the link above? 

Could you name them all? Which was your favorite(s)? Would you like to see a Batman-themed version of Angry Birds? If we can Seasons versions, why not a Batman version? Probably because the legal angle would be a nightmare. I'm really surprised this hasn't happened earlier. Let's see how long until we start seeing other variations or an actual animated version. 

Anne Hathaway Confirms She's Playing Catwoman

When it was announced that Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy were both cast in The Dark Knight Rises, there was some question as to what role Hathaway was actually playing. What everyone noticed is the press release from Warner Bros. stated she was cast as Selina Kyle with no mention of Catwoman. It made sense that Christopher Nolan might just have the character appear in her civilian guise as a love interest for Bruce Wayne rather than have her running around in a leather outfit being a cat burglar. Even Nolan seemed a little coy about confirming or denying Catwoman's appearance. Now we sort of have some clarification. managed to catch Anne Hathaway's appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show and she mentions playing "Catwoman." 

  There still may be a tiny chance that Hathaway wasn't completely aware of the role. She may have read a part but I'm sure they wouldn't use actual scripts during readings. She would know she's playing a character called Selina Kyle in a Batman movie and probably looked up the character's history. I won't be personally convinced until I see a more official announcement and the inevitable Catwoman character movie poster. Let's hope that happens.

Could Viggo Mortensen Become ZOD?

In less than a week we get yet another Superman movie rumor. This one is a bit juicier than Keven Costner maybe playing Jonathan Kent. The Hollywood Reporter is saying that producer Christopher Nolan and director Zack Snyder are getting close to casting the villain for the Superman reboot film. Who is at the top of their list? Viggo Mortensen for General Zod. 
If you've seen Eastern Promises, you know what a badass Mortensen can be. While this would be an incredibly cool casting choice, it hasn't reached the official negotiations stage just yet. Mortensen is currently in talks for Snow White and the Huntsmen at Universal. If he doesn't land that gig, he'd be available for Superman. If he does get it, maybe Universal and Warner Bros. could reach some kind agreement to allow Viggo to do both films. 
It was also reported that Snyder is not just looking at Mortensen and Costner but three female roles as well. I like that we're getting two casting rumors in the same week. Hopefully this means that Warner Bros. is making some headway in getting this film made. 
Mortensen has my support to play Zod. 


Will Kevin Costner be in the Superman Movie?

When it comes to comic book movies, it seems the success could be dependent on the number of rumors and bits of leaked information generated before the movie's premiere. With Superman: The Man of Steel, we've seen a couple rumors so far. We know Zack Snyder is directing and Henry Cavill is playing Superman, but that's about it. The last rumor we had was Lindsay Lohan might have a role (as Ursa?!?). Yesterday another rumor surfaced. 
Latino Review has word that well-placed sources are saying Kevin "Dances With Wolves" Costner has been added to the cast. Who would Cosnter be playing? They're saying Jonathan Kent? 
I have to admit it's an interesting choice. Honestly, I can't say that it would make too much difference unless Pa had a bigger role in the movie. This is almost like casting Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben in The Amazing Spider-Man (but not quite the same). I don't quite understand the need to cast a bigger named actor only to see them play a minor role (minor in that they won't appear on screen for long).  
I'm not really a Kevin Costner fan but I don't really have anything against him. I guess he could pull off playing a Kansas farmer. If he plays Jonathan, who will be Martha? And will Jonathan live or die before Clark leaves the farm (as seen in some versions of Superman's story)?

Mike Allred's MAC Wonder Woman Video

You should've heard about the new line of Wonder Woman make up from MAC Cosmetics. Normally I wouldn't care much for make up even if I do like Wonder Woman. What makes all this so freaking cool is Mike Allred's involvement. Check out this clip featuring his amazing artwork along with the amazing colors of Laura Allred. 

  As cool as this is, I'm not planning on buying any.

Story Arcs in Task Queue = Points For You!

 Red L.A.M.P. commands you work on story arcs!

Some of you may have been wondering what the heck Red LAMP's been up to lately. When not spending time hoping for the return of Alpha Flight or arguing with Riezner if they happen to wear the same sweater to the office, he's been looking at data on the Whiskey Media sites. You might've seen his video on How To Format Wiki Pages and he's been setting up the Task Queue
What is the Task Queue? Tasks are ways for staff and moderators to let you guys know what pages need work or help. On top of the generous amount of points you'd earn naturally by working on the pages, we'll also award a point bounty. That means extra points on top of what you'd already earn.  
The lastest set of tasks, set to expire Sunday January 9 (but you can always continue working on this area) deals with STORY ARCS. We've spent some time editing down character pages because there was simply too much information. It's not necessary to give a panel-by-panel description of what happened on a comic on the character pages. Summaries are better suited for the Story Arc pages. So check out the Task Queue today and check again next week as Red LAMP sets up new ones. 
Nor for some reason I'm trying to picture a battle between Red LAMP and the Taskmaster...

Who's Excited For Back To The Future On Blu-ray?

Here's something you may or may not know about me, I absolutely love Back To The Future. I mean, how could you not? Heck, I even like Part III. Universal is celebrating the 25th Anniversary and releasing the trilogy on Blu-ray on October 26. I did manage to get my hands on a copy and will be reviewing it as soon as I watch all the movies again along with all the special features.  
I'm curious to hear how you guys feel about the movies. Is there anyone out there that hasn't seen them yet?  



Whiskey Media Happy Hour 10/8/10 Recap

I have to say, yesterday's Happy Hour was one of our best yet. I know we've only done a few shows now but things went pretty least in my opinion. Since not all of you got to see it (we will have the archived version for subscribers going up soon), I thought I'd take the time just to, I mean let everyone know some of what happened. While we got to see a lot of crazy Rock Band 3 action courtesy of Giant Bomb, I'll mainly focus on what we did in the Comic Vine segment. 
Norm and I joined Ryan on the couch for some comic talk. I wanted to continue the talk about Comic Book Movie Girlfriends. Basically I wanted to see what others felt about some of the portrayals we've seen and get down to what really makes a good portrayal. Next I brought up the Captain America video game. We all know that most comic book video games turn out pretty badly. Will the same happen to this game or is there a chance it will be cool? I wanted to mention that this trend sort of goes both ways. We've seen plenty of comic books based on video games and they usually aren't so great either. 
Then came the LIVE Preview Theatre. In case you missed it last week as well (we did a Star Trek preview), we've decided to go a slightly different route when we go live. We reveal only who will be reading the dialogue live and ask you guys in the chat to give us suggestions as to how we should read our parts. Then we reveal what the preview will be. Last night we did a Toy Story preview. Joining me were Norm and Will from, Dave (Captain Cascader) and Ethan (Red LAMP). All I will say is I had to read Woody's line as a New York Cop. Ethan said it sounded more like John Travolta. It was something. 
Now, I'm not trying to be mean and brag or tease about what you might have missed. I would love it for everyone to be able to watch our LIVE shenanigans. It's never too late to sign up to become a subscriber. It cost just a little more than the price of one single comic per month. Ask you parents or relatives to get you a subscription for your birthday or whatever. You can always then go back and watch the archived videos and get the cool limited ed. t-shirt (mine came yesterday, yes, I'm a paid subscriber as well).  
If you did get a chance to watch, let me know what you thought. I always miss out on your feedback in the chat while I'm on camera.
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