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I really really really don't like that Miss Thing... thing. I love the way FF is now, and it works well with Fantastic Four, so why change it? I mean, are the kids still around or are they getting shoved into the Fantastic Four book? This new FF direction looks horrible, like another group of Fantastic Four but with different members, like Fantastic Four wannabes.

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Hulk would be a pretty cool cross over. Huge green dude figting huge monsters, or robots, or whatever. Just Hulk SMASH already! Or Punisher. I would love to see Frank Castle shooting up a place anime style.

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At first I was giving Michael “Awesome” Bay the benefit of the doubt, maybe he just used the wrong word. Its possible he meant “alien” as in different, strange, or foreign. Maybe the emphasis was in the wrong place. But re-reading it again for the 100th time, nope. Bay specifically said “from an alien race”. What purpose does this serve, to remove (or move) the Turtles’ origin? There were a few villains and adventures that took place on alien planets and in other dimensions, but the best and most recognizable were the romps through New York City, beating up The Foot Clan or Baxter Stockman’s Mouser droids. Bay’s producing credits are limited, B-grade horror films, mostly reboots and remakes. Considering he is just the producer on this project as well, I’ll hold out that the film could still turn out pretty good. I’ll just disregard his quote as a producer that doesn’t fully understand everything about the film he’s funding. It reminds me of a Penny Arcade comic from a while back, where Bay “re-imagined” Megatron as a riding lawnmower and Bumblebee as a fondue pot. Maybe he just doesn’t know the source material. To quote Guy from Galaxy Quest, “Have you even watched the show?!”

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I haven’t caught up yet, only read the first issue and I was pretty intrigued. Doom being capable of brain surgery isn’t a stretch; he’s supposed to be one of the smartest people on the planet. I don’t know the “process” that he took, but it would make more sense if he cloned Hulk/Banner and then performed the surgery on both. In any case, the original and the clone would have complete brains. Also, Doom shouldn’t have too much of an issue getting something like this done, what with his level of magical and scientific skills. I’m just more interested in which is the original body, Hulk or Banner, or why Banner wants Hulk back. Sorry if that’s already been addressed. I’ll go read the series and catch up now.

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I’m not happy about this for two reasons. One is, yeah, too soon. The way he sacrificed himself during Second Coming was amazing. I love heroic deaths like that. Cheesy or poorly written, like Nightcrawler’s, not so much. The other reason I’m not happy: Jeph Loeb. I used to love his stories, but now I can’t stand them. He ruined the Ultimate universe, had a crappy start with the whole Red Hulk stuff, and now he’s going to twist the mutants into nonsense. I bet the series will be delayed and not make a lot of sense, even though Loeb will claim it’s a mystery with clues all over the place since the beginning (something he spouted in interviews while writing Hulk). I love Cable and although it would be great to see him back in the thick of things, I’m okay with how he died and basically fulfilling his ultimate mission.

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It just means he won’t be as in involved with the day-to-day activity of the show. I have no doubt the show will continue to be amazing. People that are freaking out over this news just don’t realize that something as massive as a TV series is a collaborative effort. Showrunner is just a buzzword; Darabont will continue to be executive producer and the show will still be awesome.

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@g33ky monk3y: Go for it, rename away, I just doubled checked it for confirmation. I wonder why they are still calling it volume 2 even though it is volume 3.

Who knows, considering the typo with issue #1. I wonder if someone at IDW noticed yet and they'll have it fixed by issue #3. Maybe they see the original as just a miniseries and it didn't count.
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G.I. Joe Cobra: Cobra Civil War should be renamed simply G.I. Joe: Cobra as it is a continuation of G.I. Joe: Cobra, I guess that technically makes it volume 3 of the series. The Cobra Civil War subtitle is more like a banner over all the IDW G.I. Joe titles.

comics are indexed by indicia, I don't know what the indicia reads for that issue but intuition leads me to believe that volume should actually be deleted and the issue re-added to this volume which I can verify reads G.I. Joe: Cobra Civil War #0

I can confirm that they do not have the same indicia title; #0 has G.I. Joe: Cobra Civil War and #1 has G.I. Joe Cobra: Cobra Civil War. The number one is volume three of G.I. Joe: Cobra but it has the new expanded title, depending on how long the Cobra Civil War lasts the extended title may be dropped so that it reverts to G.I. Joe: Cobra and at that time we could rename it like we did other titles (like Ultimate Comics Spider-Man to Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate Comics Thor to Ultimate Thor) but until then that is the title and nothing needs to be changed for those volumes. Also the #0 was just a stand alone one shot to start off the event so most likely no further issues will be released unless they do like a #1 to end the event or something.

ah, well then that works for me...we'll keep the title as is unless it gets changed a few issues down the road, in which case someone will add in the volume notes that the first few issues had an indicia error...however, if it remains consistent then that's how it will remain named

@aztek the lost
Can we change the listing for G.I. Joe Cobra: Cobra Civil War now? As of issue #2 the indicia states G.I. Joe: Cobra Vol. 2 #2. 
Also, there are duplicate issues that should be removed from G.I. Joe: Cobra Civil War. Should only have #0, the other two should only be listed under G.I. Joe. When all said and done, it should be like this: 
G.I. Joe 
G.I. Joe: Cobra 
G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes 
G.I. Joe: Cobra Civil War
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Marvel started the point 1 numbering, like Avengers #12.1 to help new readers. If you see a .1 in the numbering, it is a jumping on issue that sort of takes place in between stories. It acts like a refresher., brings you up to speed on important info. Some people don't like it so much, but I think that's fans that are already reading. Like XK said, a few characters have restarted lately, making it easier for new readers to jump on and get back issues if need be. 
Marvel has been pretty good about getting trades out soon after a popular story arc has wrapped, so it shouldn't be too hard to pick up them up.
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@aztek the lost: That's one of the annoying things about this situation. The indicia contradicts what the publisher, creators, and solicitations print. Yes, according to the indicia the title is actually called G.I. Joe Cobra: Cobra Civil War. Yet the solicitations months down the road refer to the title simply as Cobra. Every interview with the creators indicate this series is a continuation of G.I. Joe: Cobra, Chuck Dixon going so far as to call it G.I. Joe: Cobra Volume 3. Also, the creators and IDW stated that the Cobra Civil War title is simply a banner akin to Marvel's Dark Reign, where it was across the top of most comics associated with the event. The same Civil War title is on every G.I. Joe comic for the next few issues.
G.I. Joe Cobra Civil War #0 should remain a separate entry since it acts as an issue #0 for all three G.I. Joe books; each part of that issue acts as the prologue for each #1 that came out.
Sorry, rambling on a bit, but I get a little OCD about comics I really like.