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Okay, the announcements have been made, the expectations have been set. So where are the shows? Where are the movies? Here’s a refresher: in 2004 Marvel brokered a deal to make up to 10 movies over the course of 8 years. These characters were the first announced: Ant-Man, The Avengers, Black Panther, Captain America, Cloak & Dagger, Doctor Strange, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Power Pack, and Shang-Chi. Since then Hulk, Thor, and Punisher have changed hands, reverting (or purchased) back to Marvel as well.


After the huge success of Iron Man, Disney saw dollar signs like Uncle Scrooge and decided to buy Marvel Entertainment. Before the end of that year there was movement, of sorts, on the lesser known properties, like Black Panther, Cable, Iron Fist, Nighthawk (really?), and Vision. Some of these are surprising, and in the case of mutant Cable, a head scratcher if not a logistical nightmare. (FYI, Fox owns Marvel mutants by way of X-Men.)


In June 2010, Marvel established a beachhead on the TV front by appointing Jeph Loeb Executive Vice President of that division. Again, another round of ideas for shows were thrown about, basically teasing fans about what is to come.


So far, that’s all we have: a tease. Three projects have officially/unofficially been announced, a few of which I am mixed about. First up is AKA Jessica Jones, rumored to be premiering Fall 2011 on ABC written by a Twilight screenwriter. Now, I’m a huge movie geek as well and I’ve barely heard boo about this project other than what I just mentioned. No cast, nothing. The reason I’m hesitant about this project is the Twilight connection. Man how I hate sparkly vampires.


Another series is The Incredible Hulk produced by David Eick and geek movie god Guillermo del Toro. This is supposed to be like Smallville, so I’m not sure how it really fits into the Marvel movie universe, or if it will fit in at all. Hopefully it will stay connected and not blow apart all that work of keeping everything connected. I’m worried about del Toro though. He’s incredibly busy at the moment and is notorious for getting involved with projects, and then leaving soon after. Eick is a passionate, creative guy. Can’t wait to see more, but I’m apprehensive for now.


The last series that might (or might not) be in development is Cloak & Dagger. This one sounds the most promising, as it has nothing to build on and as a blank slate is free for the writers to have fun developing. Also, it can be made on the cheap as both characters have minimal manifestation of their powers.


Initially the idea was to have TV shows that lead into, tie-in, or share a universe with the Marvel movies, akin to what Ron Howard will be doing with the series. For instance, a season of Iron Fist will have references to the Luke Cage movie, or even have the character guest star at times. The same for Jessica Jones, who crossed paths with Avengers many times. Or a major event in the TV world would be Hulk guest staring on one show and tearing up , and you see the aftermath present on a different show.


So where are these awesome Marvel shows?

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I think the creation of these shows depends on the success of Avengers.