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Like a good little geek I love comics (duh, why else would I be here) and movies. Those used to be reversed, I was the movie geek, but lately my comic knowledge has been growing a good bit. Not trying to sound full of myself, I just feel more knowledgeable about the Phoenix Saga, Secret Wars or Crisis On Infinite Earths, etc. Just the fact that I know what those stories are says how much my comic brain has grown. My modest comic blog is here: http://justanothergeekblog.wordpress.com/ 
I also am a fledgling (read: struggling) fiction writer. At the moment I've only self published a few short stories on Amazon via Kindle. I'm working on a book of my short stories and a young adult fantasy adventure. You can read some of my stories from my writing blog: http://g33kymonkey.wordpress.com/