Funky Dream no. 2!!!!

OK, it was a few days ago so I can't really remeber it.
Bascily we were in a house and there were some werewolve things chasing us. And I had and older brother with werid powers. I wished that I had claws and then, popped outta nowhere, were X-23's claws on my knuckles and obviulsy one claw on each foot. Then I heard something beneath the floor boards and sliced my was down

OK so it wasn't funky but it was cool. You wouldn't belive how easily the claws went through the wood and their faces. It was like slicing butter...That sounded weird...

Funky Dream no. 1 !!!!

Yeah, you don't have to read if you don't wanna. This is just a funky dream I had. Ahem: 30th June

So, I was at my school in the hall with my friends and some heavy metal rockers. I was just sitting there quietly when, on the stage -we have a stage in our school- appeared LIMP BIZKIT!!!!

Limp Bizkit
I was going crazy inside my head. (?) And then they played two songs which sounded like My Way and Take a Look Around... I dunno. Anyway, it took them about forty minutes to do that and after that Wes
Wes Borland
wiped his face paint up and alked through the crowd.  My friend then said to him: "Um, hi, Alice here is a big fan of yours." That's kinda true. He's my fave out of the band. He then turned round, smiled and then hugged me! I was thinking (?) "AH MY GOD, WES IS HUGGING ME" it was nice and he hugged me for a few seconds more but then the world exploded. So yeah. Pretty good dream!

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