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Two questions.....

1) Why is Thor going to crazy over the knowledge that he has a sister when he has at least four blood related brothers that he never acknowledges at such (Balder, Tyr, Hermod, Vidar)

2) Why is Freya the all-mother saying she is being Odin's wife and Thor's mother? It was Frigga who is Odin's wife and who raised Thor, is this an oversight by the writers or has Frigga taken on Freya's name for some reason?

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Nope, this is dumb. Falcon can't really be an effective 'Cap' he's nowhere near skilled enough or on a physical level that would allow him to truly 'wield the shield' (This is also why I disliked American Dream in MC2) At least when Bucky was 'Cap' he had a lifetime of training/experience to call on and a cyborg arm that enabled him to throw the shield.

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Is anyone else wondering where Starfox is, I can't believe he would just ignore Thanos tearing through the universe and invading Earth.

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To each their own. But imo, he's doing good for his kind... unlike other muties who subjugate themselves to the will of the Avengers, he's stepping up and making sure his kind has a say in anything. He's not a waging a war against humanity at all. He's just doing what America does as well (in the real world i mean), and that's flexing it's muscle and stating that they're here and too stay as well.

Besides... all this wouldn't have happened if the Avengers so aggressively approached Scott on that Day and asserted their self imposed authority all over the X-men. Also, you said when he had the Phoenix, he put people's lives in danger? when? he technically created paradise, and peace was wide spread. He was stable as well, only loose cannons on the P5 were Namor and Emma (it's in their nature to be antagonistic anyways).

The Avengers are about protecting everyone on the planet regardless of who or what they are and have historically been Earth's first line of defense against this kind of major cosmic threat, it's a pretty insane to think that they would just accept Cyclops decision to put the entire human race on the line for the sake of a handful of people gaining superpowers. And the whole 'his kind' argument is pretty invalid considering he's spent his entire adult life fighting to convince bigots that mutants and non mutants are the same species and being born a mutant is no different from being born black, white, gay, straight, blond brunette etc.

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@furiousweasel: No my reason for hating Wolverine has nothing to do with popularity or his increase and unnecessary abundance in appearing in various titles. Its how Marvel is suddenly portraying him as an important figure in Marvel from running a school, being chummy with everyone, his misinformation of the Phoenix, and his ever growing annoyance of killing the target without consent or thinking the consequences and being responsible for the Flashpo- I mean Age Of Ultron ending reboot.

I just lost any respect I had for him and hate him for his existence. I just miss the old Logan who was just an asshole to everyone, loyal to the X-Men, and was better at being a support character in the X-men over becoming a Headmaster.

Although Logan is on somewhat friendly terms with some of the wider superhero community I don'y see him being 'Chummy' anywhere and he still only really trusts and respects a small handful of people.What misinformation about the Phoenix?, he pretty much told them the truth that the force has a history of destroying planets. As for the killing thing, well I think he's been around long enough to know that in reality sometimes those decisions need to be made and followed through on for the safety of others. Lets face it quite a high number of heroes have at times killed enemies (Even boy scouts like Captain America) and because of his reputation Logan makes those decisions so others don't have to.

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I suppose I just still can't believe that Cyclops (And others) willingly put the fate of the entire planet on the line just so a handful of strangers with no previous ties to each other could gain superpowers, it seems insane to me.

look at it this way, all of a sudden the world found out that the gene that makes red hair was disappearing and those who would have been redheads were now going to be born with blond, black or brunette hair. If I (being a proud ginger) found out there may be a way to reignite the gene but it would put the lives of over six billion people at risk (Including the potential gingers) would that be acceptable to everyone because that's the kind of unbelievable arrogance we are dealing with here.

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@tigerkaya: Why the hatred for Wolverine? if it's just because he's popular or in lots of titles then that's pretty sad.

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@josedriveratcr7: They are not a separate species and the X-Men have never previously thought so. The very point of the X-Men was to show the general populace that they were just humans who were, through no actions of their own, born with amazing abilities in the same vein as being born black, gay, blond, tall, short etc.

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@soduh2 said:

Wolverine is finally getting called out.

About what? about being one of the few heroes that on occasion actually does what needs to be done.