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Cap FTW.

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@jonez120: I don't dislike Cage because he's black, I don't dislike him at all I just think he and Falcon don't offer anything to the avengers that the team doesn't already have many times over. Neither of them are particularly skilled or powerful or have any unique knowledge and yet they seem to have been shoehorned into every major event recently when many other more skilled, powerful characters (of all races) with more interesting backgrounds get ignored.

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@jonez120: Yeah that's exactly the reason I find him boring, it's because he's black, you got me there well done.

(Oh how I wish there was a sarcasm font!)

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@squares: Not personality wise but like many characters (Iceman or Sasquatch for example) he has an interesting power set and has in the past shown power levels up there with the best of them. I'd personally like characters such as this to be given more face-time (or 'No-face time' in Chamber's case) showing their potential.

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@squares: Why? what about more interesting characters like Hercules or Chamber?

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@dagmar_merrill: He's slightly mediocre, he's not a great fighter, he's not very powerful and he's not an expert on anything in particular that the Avengers may need someone for and yet there he is at the forefront of nearly every major event the Avengers have been involved in over the last decade. I have a similar view of Falcon, he's just a moderately skilled fighter in light body armour and a flight suit, he fits in well when fighting crime or in an anti-terrorist role alongside Cap but against a significant threat he's out of his depth an yet, as with Cage he's been pushed into the limelight recently. Falcon is now even going to take on the Captain America identity when he in no way has the combat skill or raw physical power to effectively wield the shield.

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While I've always liked Luke Cage, he's obviously a cool character, I can't help but think he's been vastly overused in the comics of late. Let's face it, while he's got impressive durability his strength level and fighting skills are moderate at best. And yet, for such a low level character he's been seen at the forefront of nearly every major marvel event over the last ten years no matter how big said event is. I can only assume that Marvel (And the comics industry in general) are desperately trying to prove their character diversity to industry outsiders (Those of us who actually read comics know that there are literally hundreds of decent non-white characters) While this is fine is saddens me that mediocre characters such as Luke Cage and Falcon are being featured to such a huge extent when more interesting and outright awesome character (Iron Fist for example) are being ignored.

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@theblaquebasterd: By 'Dimwitted individuals' I suppose you mean those of us who prefer characters to stay as they are in the source material when cast in movies. The reason we complain is not inherently a race issue as you seem to think, what we have issue with is that someone took the ridiculously stupid decision to change anything about the background and history of established beloved fan-favourite characters. Any major change, whether it be race, sex, nationality, sexual preference, age and background etc. garners an equally negative response from most genuine fans. Superhero movies are commissioned on the basis that they will sell because the characters have such a large loyal following. Why then would you ignore what the fans want and potentially alienate them by making such monumental changes to the characters they so love and have such history with.

As for the race issue, why should white characters be treated with less respect when it comes to their casting in movies. The race of most characters in not an inherent part of their origin story (with obvious exceptions such as Black Panther) so you probably think it's perfectly acceptable and doesn't in any way matter that the Human Torch is being played by a black actor in the upcoming FF movie right? well I bet you wouldn't feel the same if a new Blade movie was being made with a white actor in the leading role. I would find that equally ridiculous.

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@killraven4334: That may be true (It's also theorized from the Myths that Heimdall could also be a son of Odin) however Frigga and Freya have been shown to be two separate characters in the comics, quite recently in fact. I don't expect writers to an encyclopedic knowledge of every Marvel character and story-line ever written but it's pretty damn stupid in my opinion when they obviously haven't done any real research into semi-recent stories. For instance the Norse giantess Skadi who was recently featured in Fear Itself as the evil Goddess who inhabited the Red Skull's daughter (Who subsequently took on the Red Skull moniker) appeared not too long ago as a benevolent giantess in an X-Force annual. Also in a recent Black Panther issue (Where a team of black heroes came together in New Orleans) Luke Cage spoke of introducing T'Challa to Iron Fist when they had been in several comic issues together previously.

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I genuinely believe Hercules should be treated as 'One of the greats' in the Marvel universe, up there alongside Thor and the Hulk.

He is physically one of the most powerful beings to ever walk the Earth with a strength level only surpassed by an enraged Hulk or the Sentry. His durability matches, for instance he survived two full power blasts from Korvac, just one of which took out an entire team of Avengers. His stamina when it comes to physical activity is sad to be immeasurable.

He's without doubt one of the greatest warriors that has ever existed, even back when he was mortal he was the greatest warrior alive and is credited with co-creating pankration the worlds first complete combat system. Since gaining immortality he has consistently beaten gods of war in physical combat and even once outfought Thor while drunk.

To sum up, Hercules has Hulk level strength and durability, he's one of the greatest warriors that's ever lived and on top of all that he has well over three thousand years experience. Although rare, when he does take a fight seriously he has the power, skill and experience to be a genuine threat to just about anyone.