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Furious, reporting for duty.

General Andre Simmons, once esteemed war veteran and iron-willed soldier, upon being falsely accused of treachery to his nation he was forced to face execution. His life was stolen from him by the government and he could do nothing but mutter die-hard curses at his traitorous oppressors as he was strapped to a chair and subjected to thousands of volts of pure electricity, ending his once prestigious life within seconds.

But it seemed the reasons for his unjust murder were far more sinister than he could ever have imagined. His corpse was placed within a tub of life-sustaining liquid and his body experimented on by the very people he had once called comrades. Scientists from across the globe were assigned to Operation:Goliath. The confidential plan to augment the perfect weapon was thrown into place by the ambitious geniuses, each one more eager than the last to prove his intellect. It seemed success was within reach when one of the masterminds turned out to be a spy, and was eliminated instantly by the elite force of soldiers backing the operation up. Unsure of the negative factors the intruder may have incorporated within Operation:Goliath, the scientists were forced to continue as if nothing had happened, as time was running out. They felt their greed for recognition turn to fear as the darker forces of the South African government threatened them with their lives should they not complete sooner. The Operation was rushed, and thus, a monster was born.

The plan had been to resurrect Simmons and have him become an emotionless puppet to the sinister tendrils of the Republic. Instead, he was brought to life with each of his memories branded violently upon his mind, and a vicious, almost otherworldly rage within him. Originally augmented to become an indestructible, unstoppable being that would obey each of the government's orders to a T, things went extremely awry when he turned a cruel shade of red and grew to an entirely muscled mass of angry, flaming flesh.

He tore Operation:Goliath apart, completely devastating the base and murdering hundreds of men. It took a legion of soldiers and lots of money to capture the uncontrollable monster and keep him and his destructive escapades out of the media. Simmons was transferred to an underground prison for meta-humans where he was hourly induced with heavy amounts of sedation. A collar was constructed to keep him under the jurisdiction or South Africa and a soldier to its plans. It would send streaks of mind-numbingly unbearable pain straight into his consciousness and reduce him to a quivering pile of flesh. He had no choice but to bide his time and fulfil his worst enemies' wishes.

Although Operation:Goliath had turned out terribly flawed, the South Africans now had an immovable giant that grew stronger and larger the more signals of agitation or pain within his brain hit him. His muscles expanded exponentially and his body grew to a length of over nine feet, skin turning a vicious shade of crimson. He was also able to emit heat, and later on, pure fire from his being, able to melt through extremely dense substances. After his initial trail of mindless, enraged destruction, he was able to gain a certain level of control, to an extent, over his unnatural abilities. This allowed the South Africans to issue orders to him, and force him to bring out the monster and complete any missions they sent him on, with the threat of otherworldly pain as an only alternative.

He was called Furious, a nod to his short, and now even shorter, temper.