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The Promise: Good but a Little disappointing for continuing such a great show 0

Plot: The Promise story arc starts directly where the show ends. The king returns to Ba Sing Se and has a meeting with Team Avatar minus Suki. They decide they must remove the Fire Nation colonies from the Earth Kingdom. Zuko gives the movement to get rid of the colonies full support. Then their is a firework show. Everyone is having a great time except our dark, flawed character, Zuko. He makes Aang promise to kill him if he ever becomes as corrupt as his father. This is how the arc gets the ti...

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Marvel Keeps Dishing Out Some Awesome Stories (And Some Not so Awesome) 0

Invasion from Outer Space-Five Stars- Not your typical alien story but it works really well.The Sorcerer- One Star- This one isn't fun, memorable or any of the great qualities of the seriesTrapped in Yesterday- Four Stars- It's a really funny and cute storyThe Planet that Wasn't There- Three Stars- Typical, nothing specialThe Secret of Planet "X"- Two Stars- This story is confusing, strange and not entertainingA Robot In Hiding- Four Stars- A very good story, though somewhat predictable ...

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Fun stories 0

I'll be honest, I've never liked anthology comics. I like one overall plot among the issue. But this series has set a new standard of Anthologies and Monster comics. I got it in the Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era: Tales of Suspense. It was worth the 30$. These are priceless stories. Unlike other Anthologies it has very memorable stories. This is the first comic with a text-only story I've ever read and I was very impressed. Pick up the Marvel Masterworks it's worth it. The stories are stunning. ...

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A Plot Mess 0

This whole comic is just a plot mess. It is pretty terrible. The characterization is also not very good They picture Moonstar as a stupid little girl. Bobby is just in this issue for his power. Rahne pictured as a sensitive sissy. Roberto is practically evil. This arc's weak point is in this issue. If I was Amara I would be embarrassed to call this my origin. It's that bad. It gets better by the next issue but still a step down. :( They should have stayed at the mansion...

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An Improvement 0

This starts the Nova Roma story arc. This arc is much more enjoyable then the last arc. Once again we see Moonstar pictured as a weak little girl. We see her pictured as a drama-struck teenager, not the X-Man we know. Roberto was done nicely though. Cannonball and Wolfsbane were underused in the action scene in this issue, It might just be because it takes place in Sunspot's home. Great issue yet not perfect yet....

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A Issue that Struggles 0

This issue sees The New Mutants at their worst moment. Not that this issue is bad I just think Claremont made the last issue end at the worst possible moment to try and start something new, as he did, without ending the arc. This introduces an really interesting concept with Karma, could change the whole series, then they just realize that this series can't handle the concept so they kill her off. Highly disappointing. We can just enjoy the Nova Roma arc instead....

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A Standard New Mutants Issue 0

This issue starts a new arc in the series. This arc features Team America, but there nothing special, just a bunch of stupid motorcycle riders. They seem to be more of a distraction then help. The New Mutants drive (haha so funny) this story more then Team America. Silver Samurai is nothing special in this issue either. Viper is pretty typical villain. Two issues ago I said it was the last good Moonstone Issue :(. This issue just proves my point. Moonstone is pictured like a weak human. She is a...

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Something Completely Different But was it for the best? 0

This comic isn't all that great. OK. This comic is terrible. It has a very slow storyline. They don't even fight a villain. The sad mood Claremont is trying to picture in the issue doesn't blend with the story. I'm glad the Brood Queen is over now. But this tale was a flop on Claremont's story. Read it! Don't suddenly discontinue the series cause one was bad. The series makes up for it quickly. Overall, nothing special....

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This Series is Still Standing Tall 0

This series is at its best with its issue. Claremont's writing is exciting. Also his dialogue is not cheesy like Stan Lee's*. Anyway, this issue began with a bang. The other two issues began fairly slow but this issue we find right in the beggining Moonstone is facing her worst nightmare. The plot was good as always. This is Moonstone's last great issue though :(. Another positive is that this issue has no cliffhanger whatsoever.*Stan Lee if you are reading this: Your amazing!...

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Another Great Issue 0

This issue tells of the first real adventure of The New Mutants. The beginning of the comic didn't capture me at all. Yet, the story at the mall was very entertaining. Their was one confusing moment I had to reread yet other then that brilliant. The art in the graphic novel was amazing yet it kept stepping down. Now the art looks absolutely cartoony. The plot makes up for the art though. Another problem with this is another uncapturing cliffhanger.Overall, a very good comic, could have been bett...

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A Interesting Begining 0

New Mutants was a revolution in comic book history. The characters are astounding, The action is great. This series started a revolution in X-Titles for years to come. If you have seen my list, Favorite Comics, you will have seen that New Mutants made the top. Their is a reason for that: The intense story and the fun art don't blend well, yet the art is really cool in it's own way. It doesn't look as realistic as it could have yet it is fairly amazing. If you compare the cover of just this issue...

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The Origin of Spider-Man 0

Please check my youtube at (well post review shortly)"Spider-Man"The Good-This starts the legend, the beginning, the amazing Spider-Man. Namely my favorite hero, Spider-Man is always creative and fun. This is no exception. This also introduces what makes Spider-Man the best hero EVER. Not all the action and fighting (that's pretty cool though) But his personal problems are always the reason that the average comic fan will say their fave marve...

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