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I don't agree with a single one because they all have potential to be great.

Couldn't have said it better:

I think any character that can hold there own series or star in a successful series can star in a successful comic book movie.

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They should buy back character rights, then instead of making Avengers 3 Civil War, they should just make a Civil War movie, then they could make Captain America: Death of a Hero be the third one. Death of a Hero would be a sad and emotionally impacting story that would end Captain America.

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@silverageguy said:

@VampireSelektor said:

Peter Parker spent 50 years fighting crime with little money or support. Parker fought for all New Yorkers, even the ones who tried to ruin him (ex. Jonah Jameson, Harry Osborn). Selflessness was his greatest attribute. How many times did Spider-Man's foes try to break him? The Goblin stories alone would have felled a lesser hero. No, Spider-Man fought, inspired, and served his fellow person time and again.

Could anyone see Doctor Octopus doing the same? Isn't this move a good thing? Walking Spider-Man's first adversary through his life, teaching him the value of heroism and humility? A selfish person couldn't do what Spider-Man does everyday. "Superior Spider-Man" is ironic for a reason.


You are kidding, right? Anyone who has been following Spidey for any length of time, (in my case 46 years) would have a hard time seeing this as nothing but a complete miscarriage of justice and a total farce. Under the guidance of Quesada and Slot the character of Peter Parker has been completely transformed into a simpering wimp. Replacing him with doc ock is just too creepy on any number of levels. It teaches that evil is rewarded when good men fail to destroy it. Sable was absolutely correct to point out that Peter Parker failed himself, MJ, and the world when he allowed doc ock to keep living. Letting a great evil pass from the world is not a weakness. I dont buy any of Slots morally relativistic B.S. The Peter Parker of Ditko and Romita sr. had a stronger moral compass. This whole story arc is a disgrace and unworthy of one of Marvels most loved and iconic heros.

Um. I've been following Spider-Man since Amazing Fantasy. At first I heard about Doc Ock as Superior Spider-Man before I read the issue. It was ticked. Then I thought about and was sympathetic, then I was excited. Now I love Superior Spider-Man. Have you even read the issue.

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Kaine is Scarlet Spider and that's that

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@ArturoCalaKayVee: Ted Kord was my favorite character in the DC universe and I miss him

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He's part of the All- New Sinister Six in Superior Spider-Man

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@D3athstroke: We would get a really really really really really really wait one more, really messed up baby

What if Deadpool got bit by a radioactive spider?

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@Jorgevy: It's my idea for an alternate DC universe: Universe Zero

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Still debating to buy this? Doctor Octopus is a Antihero now.

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I'm really really debating whether to pick up Superior. I hate the ending of Amazing but I wanta see what they do with Doctor Octopus. Right now, due to dying wish. Doc Ock has gone from not being like to Marvel's 2nd most loved character. Next to the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker. Should I check out superior?