Venus TPB?

I remember in the 40s sitting down as a child and reading Venus. Venus' adventures were not ideal for a young boy, but I enjoyed them. Now, I want to give a friend the original adventures of Venus. Is her Atlas series collected in a TPB?

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Posted by X35

There's two options for you...

Marvel Masterworks: Venus (Vol. 1)

Which collects the first 9 issues and two bonus Venus stories in a nice hardcover collection with amazing reproduction quality (preview 1, preview 2, preview 3). Also since it's part of the Masterworks line, a second volume will probably be released eventually. It'll still quite a while away since the frequency of these releases are pretty sparse. The downside is they tend to be moderately expensive (between $30-$40) and are printed in limited numbers which means they end up being hard to find. The numbered purple cover variant printed in even less amounts. This book was printed just over a year ago, but probably wasn't an instant sell-out like the Uncanny X-Men or Amazing Spider-Man masterworks books, so finding it could go either way.

Agents of Atlas

Alternatively, there's the first Agents of Atlas trade which collects only the first issue of Venus as well as the 2006 Agents of Atlas series which redefined the character for a new generation as well as a story from the 70s which featured her and introduces the team. While it's only one issue (there's also bunch of other issues from the era in the trade with the first appearances of the other members of Atlas), the trade is still easy to find and affordable. You can probably get it for some ridiculously cheap price on eBay too. Agents of Atlas is great too, so it's not a bad addition to anyone's collection (and of course there's several follow-up volumes all which feature Venus). But as said, it doesn't really fit what you're after.

With the issues being reproduced for the Masterwork, it's also possible they'll one day show up on Marvel Digital or Comixology or whatever, but it's also possible they never will since Marvel's interest in Venus or the Agents of Atlas is almost non-existent.