What The Wolverine needs to be Great

1. Don't be to "Comic Book" Cheesy

Marvel should try to remain brutally realistic, like the Batman trilogy but funner and not as dark.

2. Don't focus on Wolverine's superpowers

For all of you who were born yesterday, The Wolverine is going to be based off of the Wolverine-Samurai arc. I hope they focus on the Samurai instead of the Wolverine. I also hope they picture the Antagonist the same way.

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Venus TPB?

I remember in the 40s sitting down as a child and reading Venus. Venus' adventures were not ideal for a young boy, but I enjoyed them. Now, I want to give a friend the original adventures of Venus. Is her Atlas series collected in a TPB?


Marvel vs. DC: The Video Game

Story Line: Deadpool get's hired to eliminate Deathstroke. Yet at the same time Deathstroke is hired to kill Spider-Man. The Avengers are gone on a mission in another country so their is nobody to help Spider-Man defeat Deathstroke. Deathstroke tries to kill Spider-Man but can't. Then, Spider-Man calls Blue Beetle to help him. On their mission the Avengers find a superhero team named Justice League doing their job. The two teams get into an argument and eventually declare war on each other. Spider-Man and Blue Beetle defeat Deathstroke, but when he leaves, Blue Beetle immediately betrays Spider-Man. The Legoin of Superheroes gets a message from Justice League to attack Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Birds of Prey receive a similar message and attack Baxter Building. Meanwhile, when Deathstroke leaves he is ambushed by Deadpool. In the end, it turns, out that the hirers of Deadpool and Deathstroke are Norman Osborn and Lex Luthor who were planning the war.

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Marvel Movies

So Marvel is making some movies of their worst characters (sorry if your one but I don't think ANYBODY Is an Ant-Man fan) Movies I want to see you by tomorrow for our Red Hulk, Cyclops, and Hope Summers. Who do you guys want to see in their own Marvel movies?

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