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people!!!!!!!!!! please read the rules and know who's participating before voting, for this poll's sake !!!!

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Man, this is a tough one. Normally I'd never use the "Too Close To Call" option because I think it's a cop-out. But here, it's really hard to say who'd take it.

I mean, I'm tempted to go with Marvel because my favorites have always leaned that way, but I liked to think I'm not that biased.

DC has literal gods on their roster. But so many of the non-gods are mortals. "Peak" human mortals sure, but still just non-mutants, non-metas, just determined humans fighting bad men and women doing bad things. Where Marvel would have the more balanced team, but how do you win when you're fighting Superman and Wonder Woman? Even Spidey's agility has it's limits.

As much as I don't really want to, I'd have to probably go with DC on this one. More of their characters can fly. More of their characters are based on god like abilities. As much as I love the Marvel universe, I just can't see them being the last ones standing on the court here. Although Tony Starks Ball-zooka would be a glorious thing to behold up until he got taken out.

read the rules for the love of god. what literal gods are you speaking of? the participants!! for this poll's sake know who's participating.

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First of all, I applaud you for this scenario because it's fun and requires a lot of thinking to get through it with a final conclusion.

-Captain America's feats of agility surpass those of Batman's, given that he can jump a few stories vertically and has effortlessly dodged a ricocheting Mjolnir thrown by Thor. while Batman can't be denied his agility and reflexes, Captain America has him beat in both, only due to his enhanced physical abilities, Edge? Captain America.

-Elektra and Nightwing is a tough one to judge, Elektra is one of the top assassins in the Marvel universe, trained by the hand, the best ninja clan and assassins in her world. she usually goes from place to place leaping from roof tops and using elaborated moves on a daily basis, dodging projectiles is her thing and she excels in it due to her training and her enhanced reflexes, she also has superpowers that work in her favor like telepathy and mesmerising minds with illusions . Nightwing is Batman's trainee but not only that, he was also raised to be a gymnast by the flying Graysons (his deceased parents). So, agility and gymnastic prowess is pretty much his alley here and he has proven time and again that he surpasses Batman's agility and is possibly the single best gymnast in DC universe, his reflexes are matched by none but his master and a few select martial artists. Edge? Elektra because of her enhanced physical abilities, but it's only a really slight edge because Dick has shown that his agility and reflexes are nearly superhuman.

-Hawkeye and Green Arrow. Uhhh what to say, it's the old case of Archer vs Archer. both are trained to never miss their shot in their respective worlds and both are really agile and acrobatic. However Green Arrow relies primarily on his parkour training and acrobatics in going from place to place and when fighting crime, so he's likely more agile and acrobatic than Hawkeye, also more experienced overall. Edge? Green Arrow.

-Now for Harley Quinn and Deadpool. Harley Quinn can jump really high and is an accomplished gymnast who can perform impressive feats of agility, seeing as she relies on it and incorporates it completely in her fighting style, but she's only human, compared to Deadpool, who's like Elektra a top-tier assassin and martial artist whose agility and reflexes stomp over Harley's and possibly over everyone on both teams, due to his enhanced physical abilities. edge? Deadpool

so what's the result here? Initially it's Marvel's day to celebrate. but there are 2 points a few people will ever notice when analyzing this scenario. the first point and the major corner stone of any Sport is Team Work. Captain America and Hawkeye will have no problems working together, Elektra will work with them as well but she's a wild card, as well as Deadpool, whose insanity and unpredictability may cause him to turn on his team at any given moment. as for DC, Batman, Nightwing and Green Arrow will work perfectly together in this scenario, Harley Quinn is the intruder here and she's a wild card as well, Edge in Team work? DC

the other point is Fatigue. fatigue toxins build up after a while of exerting physical effort. all the team members of DC are human and will fatigue after a certain period of time due to the build up of toxins in their blood. contrary to them, Marvel has 3 enhanced people on their team: Captain America, Deadpool and Elektra who aren't going to be fatigued as quickly. edge? Marvel.

the final verdict? Marvel wins

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please!!! this makes my heart ache, I'm a grammar nazi and the spelling mistake in the title will not go unnoticed, It's villains not villians :)

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I don't know why everyone are degrading and disrespecting Hush as the winner of the poll. the poll said: which is your favorite story, not "what is the best story" whoever chose Hush is free to like it. there is no winner here. Hush is the most liked story, not the best. make that clear.

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I wish him back too. maybe as a permanent Nightwing Villain that occasionally causes Bruce some troubles too. I like him a lot.

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I'm just gonna leave this here

from Batman - Venom story line

Never have I seen Bruce Wayne in such a mess.

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@k4tzm4n said:

You know how Battle of the Week has a Viner Argument highlighted for the winner? I think I'll do the same for the question of the week. "Viner Post of the Week For..." could be fun.

Do it, Now!!