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I think ths is Dr. Doom's hand in the teaser.

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Do you want the truth? Here is is: Luther is just too much to handle for sabretooth. However sabretooth will win due to popularity. Mark my words.

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Shredder by a mile! It's almost a spite match.... Almost

a spite in popularity, that's what.

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doesnt elektra have better feat???

I just voted for her. And saw shredders ahead by a lot.

Am i missing something about shredder???

he's ahead because of Bias and popularity.

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I actually challenge anyone on this thread to prove to me somehow that Shredder will defeat Elektra. bring it on.

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@dstick88 said:

i went with elektra because F the police

whoever went with Shredder are actively F'in the Police. not the other way around. read about Elektra!!!

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I can see that the voting is heavily on Shredder's side, and I can easily assume it's due to his popularity not much else. I'm going against the flow and say that Elektra will kick the head off of his corpse, I mean come on!!! Shredder isn't a super human, his strength is above average but he's an exceptional martial artist as well as a master tactician and his IQ is very high and he can create minion robots. Now let's look at Elektra: the finest Kunoishi in her world, and maybe the best assassin in the Marvel Universe, she's an enhanced human, which means she's stronger than Shredder, I will assume she's on the turtles level or higher in strength, which is something Shredder has dealt with and has no problem facing, her asset isn't her strength though. She can manipulate an individual's mind and make them see illusions + she can elevate her healing speed, which is something that Shredder doesn't have. She has formidable stealth being able to sneak on both Wolverine and Daredevil without being detected, she can control her body functions as well which gives her an edge in tactics (as she can faint her death). The final thing she has going for her, is her superior speed, she can speed-blitz and was unseen in daylight many times.

What are you even thinking about? Elektra wins, hands down. Shredder just isn't enough.

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why does Spider-Man look so anorexic? a newbie to a gym will put on more muscles than that, a pity!!

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how did Cap win over Iron man? I'm not saying he was lame or anything, but Robert Downey J.R just owns the role of both Tony Stark/Iron Man.

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It's mostly a blessing, i'm not gonna lie, Kal-El has one of the most impressive set of powers in the whole DC comics universe, maybe in comic books period, however when you put those powers into reality you'll quickly realize that they are also a curse, if you wanna know what I mean, try to play with a little kid, maybe a toddler, you won't be playing hard with them, right? because you'll be too afraid to hurt such a frail, weak body. Now imagine Superman, one of the strongest men in the universe trying to put his strength in the service of humanity, everything is literally too weak to him. If he tries to stop a crashing plane, He'll crush it in his attempt by applying too much strength inadvertently, trying to save someone from a free fall? forget it, human-puree right there and now, or in the luckiest scenarios, he'll cripple them, wanna stop a criminal, maybe try pushing him? the consequences of such a push, even the slightest one, are gonna be disastrous!! what I'm trying to say is: Superman won't be able to regulate his strength and he will cause more harm than good given his power. and I won't be any different. so, in short, do I want his powers? hell yes. are they gonna do more good than harm? No. definitely.