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Hey guys, I was wondering how you would feel about the Batman and Robin series becoming a series based in the past with Grayson as Robin. Maybe even a miniseries like that. Also, how do you feel about this series currently? Do you think it'll lead to some big event where Damian gets brought back?

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Does anyone know who the artist is for the grasshopper cover and if it will be hard to find? I don't know if I should ask my comic shop to order it for me or not.

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Hey everyone, I really liked the Red She Hulk series. I was wondering what hurt the series from reaching a better audience. Not having a #1 issue hurt the title, but also I think there is the fact the that she is called Red She Hulk. She is an offshoot of She Hulk who is an offshoot of the Hulk. If she had a different name that didn't make her come off as a copy of a copy to a reader who hasn't heard of her before do you think it would have helped? Do you think that characters with names that are similar or shared by other characters helps or hurts them?

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Hey guys, I just wanted to say my piece on the Ock and Parker switch. Tony, I know you said you think Peter didn't actually die, however I think he did. In one of the last issues of ASM before the switch Peter was dead for a brief time while in Otto's body and saw all of his loved ones. He talked to uncle Ben, Gwen Stacey, Captain Stacey, and some other people too. I'm assuming that was "heaven" and not a hallucination or dream. If it was one of those then my theory would be wrong, but I think the switch is something that you shouldn't really think too much about because its comic books. But the fact that he was dead in Otto's body for a little while and saw a brief glimpse of heaven shows that the actual Peter Parker is dead, unless of course it was just a dream/hallucination. Also, I don't wanna sound like a jerk but my name is pronounced Quatch, similar to watch, and not Quash. Thanks for your time!

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While I haven't read much about him in the comics, my favorite movie moment is when they argue about who is the "Big Gun" between him and Tony in Iron Man 2

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In the last podcast you talked about how the writer of ASM 700.1 wrote First Blood and when you said that I immediately pictured Spider-man as Rambo in first blood and how out of character, out of place, and funny Spidey would be in that role. Could you think of any superheroes or villain you would like to see in place of actors in famous movie roles that would make the movie a lot funnier or just better. Picture Spidey giving Rambo's speech and just shooting webs at people instead of guns.

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i guess batman is the only one that cares about secret identities 1000 years from now

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This is a great question, one that is brought up a lot with the X-Men as well. Having Superman's powers would obviously be a blast for a ton of reasons, but like they always say, "There's no such thing as a free meal". In this cases we'll say we have his most recognizable powers (strength, hearing, speed, flight, x-ray/heat vision, and super breath(e)?, and invulnerability).

Being Suped-Up and out of costume would be pretty fun. You could do almost anything as long as you hide it well enough. You could be an all-star athlete, explore the world, and even explore space. Any necessity in life would be easy to obtain because you'd be so naturally gifted. However, I believe if somebody were to have Superman's powers they'd have to decide if they want to be a superhero or not. As much as you can control your super hearing or sight, there is no way you can ALWAYS drown it out. There will be occasions when you hear the cries of the needy during intimate and personal times and you'll have to make a decision. Do you save the person in need and stop what you're doing (could be anything from murder to a minor accident) or do you ignore it and try to deal with the fact that you could've prevented it from happening, but decided to put your needs first? To be selfish or selfless? Being Suped-Up would also be bad because you'd have to be holding back constantly. If somebody startles you and you push them will it be a nudge or will they go in the sun? Losing control for a second could cause serious harm to those around you. Also, if you chose to be a hero you might get paranoid that somebody will find out your secret identity and bring the whole world crashing down on you and everything you hold dear. Which brings me to my next point....

Being Suped-Up and in costume. I think it would be a blast until you get caught up in the ultimate kryptonite, politics. Much like in the movie you'll have to deal with a lot people loving you and a lot of people being scared of you with good reason for both. You'll become the ultimate celebrity once you put on the blue spandex, whether you want to or not. This means making every decision with extreme thought on the possible consequences and not giving into dark desires in the public eye.

Being on constant watch would be stressful and nerve wracking, however, being an inspiration and a hero to those who need it most will make it all worth it. No matter what people will say about how they should be afraid of you or how one person shouldn't have that much power, helping people and saving lives would be reward enough to justify going through all of that. Personally, I think the pros outweigh the cons. Being Superman comes with a lot of possible drama and baggage, but being able to do almost anything at anytime, saving lives, and inspiring people to be the best that they can be is if you ask me, just super. (See what I did there?)

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This looks absolutely amazing

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Why is Captain Marvel a new ongoing series, did it get cancelled just to get picked up again?