the alts of spectrum.

at last, a full list of all my alts and characters. i will try to update the list as frequently as possible.
Spectrum: the main protagonist of my stories
Wildcard: a friend of Jack's and the avatar of chaos
McKenzie: enemy of Jack's and avatar of Noctaurus (evil)
The Knowledge (TK): Jack's best friend, an information broker and connoisseur
Dagmara: enemy of jack, fallen angel
Isotope: one of Jacks first enemies, pro assassin 
beefstick: one of the most powerful soldiers in The Syndicate, a team Jack once belonged to.
The Runners: a team of androids that occasionally fight for Jack. 
Alexander: Jack's oldest friend, and worst enemy. it's a... tense relationship
Spectrum 20K: an alternate version of spectrum from a parallel future. He is an evil tyrant and rules earth with an iron fist. 
Lord Tycon: A necromancer seeking to use earth to springboard a return to his home dimension and reclaim his throne.
Shawn the pyrokinetic sheep: an average (if a little scrawny) sheep that one day happened to fall into a pit of flaming chemicals. He then gained the power to light stuff on fire with his mind. (non-spectrum character)
The Saint of Guns: Gods plan B. for those who didn't like plan A (jesus ie. salvation) He is not at all affiliated with the Spectrum series.

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