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@heroesgold: I really can't say anything about his strength, but in the movie he was thrown a few thousand feet into the air and came crashing down, without any injury. He was then blasted through about 2 dozen walls, also without any real damage. So he certainly is durable enough, and he has some legit skill both in h2h and swords, but I doubt he would be able to handle Iron Man. I'd put him against Luke Cage or maybe Gambit.

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Vulcan should win this with little trouble. Though I'm curious how the fight can be to the death, but Vulcan has morals. There is really no "moral" way to fight to the death.

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@Trinity00 said:

@Blacklightning13 said:

@Trinity00 said:

Reed Richards and Iron Man are street level so they solo.

Neither of them are.

Yes they are.

Mr. Fantastic = Spider Man = Iron Man

No, just no. The fact that a character walks on a street does not make them "street level."

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I, having a longer memory than the collective memory of the internet, remember all the ranting and raving about how terrible Heath Ledger was going to be as the Joker and how there is no way he could ever do the character justice and how people were going to refuse to see the movie because of him. Of course, Heath was brilliant in the film and all the complaints immediately turned to praise when the movie hit. 
Now here we are, with Hathaway as Catwoman and we have all the same complaints. I really doubt Nolan is so clueless as to put someone who didn't fit his vision into the movie. I'm sure she'll be just fine and all the complaints are concerns are for nothing.

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I don't know why people think Movie Batman would stand a chance. Normal Batman maybe, but Dark Knight Bruce is simply outclassed. Cap is superhuman in several way (I know it's "peak human" but the guy can outrun a racehorse...). Cap has enhanced senses, so I don't think Bruce will be able to hide well enough to get the drop on him. Batman has nothing that can get through Cap's shield, and isn't strong enough to take Cap on in hand to hand. Cap could take blows from the Red Skull, a man who could dent a steel shield with his bare hands, without being significantly injured; what are the odds that any of Batman's moves will be enough to take him down? 
Batman may have the advantage in stealth and training, but that will count for little when cap KOs him in the first ten seconds of the fight. Batman's only cool gear in any of the movies are the sticky bomb launcher, which wouldn't get through Cap's shield, and the sonar, which though cool, will not be too helpful.  And Batman has a moral weakness of not killing people. Cap would appear to have no such qualms (killing plenty of Hydra soldiers, at least one of Loki's minions, and a whole bunch of Chi'tauri.)
In all, I see no way for Batman to win this fight.

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I like round 8. Thor would destroy everyone here. Saruman was killed by an arrow, so Hawkeye kills him with ease. The Balrog gets a hole in the back of it's throat just like the frost beast. The rest could probably be soloed by Iron Man. Black Widow, Cap, and Hulk just sit around relax.

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Coulson will be back as Vision. That is my official prediction.

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Why do people think that Captain America is a better fighter than Thor? Cap has been alive for what? A Century maybe? Thor has been a warrior for a very long time. Maybe it's just that Thor doesn't really need to have significant skill since he is so powerful, but it seems that Thor's hundreds (if not thousands) of years of fighting experience should make him the far better fighter.
I'm not saying Thor would win outright, but I'm curious as to what makes people think Cap is the better fighter.

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The team is way too slow to take down DS. With the full omega effect it should be a pretty easy win.

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@entropy_aegis said:

 Deathstroke ran away from Batman

I would too. He's the goddamn Batman!!!