Spectrum's story arcs

Phases of Jackson Miller's life (aka: the life story of Spectrum). Ask me about one or all of them and i will go into detail
 1. Origin
 2. Mercenaries and Hackers
 3. The Ghost of Vengeance
 4. Death, or Something Like It
 5. Villainous Ways
 6. The Darkness Comes Forth
 7. The Syndicates Scheming
 8. Isotope’s Revenge
 9. The Second Shard
10. Depowered: Task Complete
11. The Twelve Avatars (Light & Darkness, Existance (Time, Space & Reality),  Life & Death, Balance, Fear & Hope, Order & Chaos)
12. The Puppet Master
13. True Heroics
14. Variable Shift

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