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@ultimatewarrior123 said:

More Powergirl feats:

Against somebody said to be stronger than superman, (one shotted):

Powergirl vs wonderwoman:

Here she catches a full on punch from wonderwoman when she had just got her sense back:

Here Powergirl just owns Wonderwoman showing superior speed and knocking her about:

Powergirl almost one shots wonderwoman:

The above scans demonstrates that Powergirl is the real deal and potentially more powerful than wonderwoman. (Now of course wonderwoman would win all the fights due to popularity power), but in terms of abilities I would favour Powergirl.

It's not because of popularity power that wonderwoman wins. She has ALWAYS been a great fighter and is strong enough to combat power girl's attacks. I like how you show PG supposedly "owning" WW but there are scans here that show WW doing some pwnage of her own in the same fight. The last one hints that WW was only going easy on her.