The Departed (a Kitten review)

Since my last review was a bad movie, let’s talk about a good one. Let’s talk about Martin Scorsese’sThe Departed.

Warning Spoilers:

Warning clip contains langue and violence.

Story and Characters:

This is Scorsese’s western retelling of a Hong Kong movie, Infernal Affairs. The story is centered on Massachusettss state police’s fight against organized crime (without the aid of a man in a bat suit).

Departed focuses around two main characters: Special investigation unit officer Collin is actually a mole planted by the Irish mafia and Billy Costigan being handpicked to go undercover and infiltrate the same mob. As both men get deeper in their respective organizations, along with developing a relationship a psychologist Madolyn Madden, both sides become aware that is a double agent in their midst. Now Collin and Billy race to uncover clues of the other true identity and to save their lives if their cover is blown.


Acting: The cast is spear-headed by two of the best modern day actors. Leonardo Dicaprio (Barley seeming like the same kid who was in Growing Pains) plays our fresh faced hero behind enemy lines. Matt Damon plays Collin Sullivan, the two face villain we love to despise (A comfortable role for him, I mean he did play an angel of death in Dogma). Rounding out the cast is other big name talents: Jack Nicholson, Martin Sheen (from Spawn, or the Illusive Man of Mass Effect, if you prefer : D), Alec Baldwin, Mark Wahlberg( Just forget the Lovely Bones) and Vera Farmiga (currently in the Bates Motel series)

Story: Simplicity is strength, it not overtly complicated nor flashy, yet it is does carry a quite power to it, dealing with themes: Identity, Loyalty and corruption. There is also a “love triangle” sub plot. Martin bases his characters off of real life Gangster Whitey Bulger and corrupted FBI agent John Connolly.


I can’t think of much to say against it, outside it might not appeal to everyone. It’s a gangster/ cop thriller, not really at the top of my lists either (I just saw it tonight because a friend brought it over) But it is still an enjoyment for the older crowd.

Overall: I give this an 8.5.

Thanks for reading < 3

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Posted by DecoyElite

Nice little review, I really enjoyed the flaws section given this is my favorite movie of all time.

Posted by Aiden Cross

Great review. I'm on the same page as you on this movie. I thought it was great, and interesting to see different viewpoints ^_^

And of course, great cast.

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One of my favorite movies.

Posted by wildvine

Kewl review kitten. I'll probably skip it though. I'm not big on serious movies. And I'm probably not old enough to watch it anyway. Heehee. <3

Posted by Joygirl

I remember being really bored by this flick but at least someone got some enjoyment out of it. :D

Posted by Fuchsia_Nightingale

Posted by Samimista

I don't think I've ever seen this movie. =O At first I thought you meant the Sandra Bullock film but then I realized that's called The Lake House. XD

Posted by Fuchsia_Nightingale
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And thanks to all for the feed back heehe

Posted by theTimeStreamer

anybody else lose their sh*t when they saw the wolverine comic? idid.

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Posted by Fuchsia_Nightingale


Of cornbread ? hehe

Yes we shall (not on corn bread, or maybe hehe)

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I'm so glad you mentioned Infernal Affairs

Posted by Samimista
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*runs, trips, but gets back up and hops in front seat*

Posted by TDK_1997

Great review for an amazing movie.This is one of my favorite movies and I am glad that you liked it.

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Great review -- this movie is fantastic.