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I don't get what you mean? adamTRMM already listed several moments were the X-Women were more favored and that wasn't even all of them. What exactly was wrong with Jubilee in the past years? I'm assuming you're talking about when she became a vampire? If anything they're doing just fine. Hell they have a book dedicated to them entirely

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Oh Otto I'm gonna miss you. You were a great Spider-Man, if only you could've learned to get along with other heroes you would've flourished beyond your dreams. Oh well back to the Days of Parker again

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I already wanted to pick this up now I'm definitely getting it next week

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Of course I'm gonna miss SpOck. He may have been an arrogant, loud mouth, know-it-all but it was fun seeing him actually fight crime and actually get stuff done

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His daughter apparently

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Eh not really

Roselyn Sanchez

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Probably Mimic from the X-Men. Marvel just doesn't know what to do with the dude and it's sad because his Exiles counterpart is amazing

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@hawk2916: I don't really think Xavier was added to the Illuminati because he was a telepath but mainly because he was front man of the X-Men. So how exactly is Beast a sellout? I don't love and swear by Beast but I do like the guy but whatever. Like I said up earlier, nobody really calls out scientists in the Marvel verse on the work they do unless it's something completely screwed up, like Reed and Tony when they built Ragnarok

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I was going to buy this issue solely because of the cover but reading it was even better. This is gonna be a great series

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@hawk2916: Having a telepath isn't really needed since Strange could give them all a mental link with each other through magic. I don't think it's an all boys club anymore since I think Medusa replaced Black Bolt for the Inhumans. How is Beast a sellout? Because he's been both and Avenger and X-Men? I don't think Namor is an outlaw in the same sense as Emma or Scott considering he isn't being hunted down by S.H.I.E.L.D or anyone like that. The thing is, the Illuminati isn't just people who can make hard decisions for the better of the world, they're the smartest and most influential of their side of the world. While your replacements for Beast have/had pull among the mutant side, they aren't smarter than Beast which is really what the Illuminati is comprised of