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About Me

Hero Name: Permafrost

Real name: Dylan Monroe

Race: Half Black Half white

Age: CVNU: 27 Prime U: 16

Height: 6'2

Weight: 185 lb

Eye Color: Brown

Hair color: Black

Base of Operations: Quebec Canada

Team Affiliations: COP: Future Champions

Aliases: Frosty

Known Relatives: Carla Jackson(Mother, deceased) Linda Jackson(Aunt,Unknown) Edwin Jackson(Unlce, Unknown)


Journal Entry

January 22nd 2013. My powers have excelled very much from the training on earth. Though I long to return to the crystal world. I often wonder how strong I would be without being able to tap into the power of the Diamond Zone. With the training that I have acquired from the Ice monks in Asia I have been able to focus my mind on harnessing the DZ's power while paying attention to the task at hand. Now I shall go back to live with the frost giants in northern Europe. Things can only go my way.

History (WIP)

CV Prime Universe


My mother was Carla Jackson. I never knew who my father was but he must have been someone important. The day of my birth my mother was running from some S.H.E.I.L.D agents who wanted to kill me. So my mother ran until she found an empty cryogenics lab. She saw an open door so she went in it. Little did she know, that room was a nuclear cryogenic freezer, hell the S.H.E.I.L.D agents didn't even know. When my mother was hiding in the freezer she went into labor. She had me. But she didn't know what to do with me. She decided to wrap me up in her clothes then walk out of the freezer. She told the agents that I was in the freezer and then they blew it up.

Not to long after that when the police were examining the explosion a police officer saw blue glowing under the rubble. He pulled up some stones and he saw me, Covered in a ball of ice. I was alive, but I was dying. The officer took me (without anyone knowing) to one of his close friends labs. The friend was a man I would come to call Dad. My dad told the officer that I was a mutant. The officer said that he couldn't handle having one of "my kind" and left. From then on I was named Dylan Monroe.

A decade later I'm alive and well. I have ice powers that I'm learning to control and I have a good life. Until The day my Dad dies. S.H.I.E.L.D came back for me. And this time they were more determined then ever. My father sent me through the emergency sewer system we had and then he stayed back and tried to talk to the agents. I watched them kill him.

So I decided to further Excel my ice powers in Brooklyn and when I had learned all i need to learn, I moved to Quebec.


Ice: I Can dramatically drop the temperature of the water vapor in the air,Thus making ice. (and that’s also where Ice babies come from). I Can make strong barriers of Ice,They have about3/4 the strength of Emma Frost's Diamond form, but they can be broken with enough force.I Specialize in making solid objects from ice (i.e swords, shields, sexy sculptures.)

Recently, I have expanded my horizons and thought of new effective ways to use my Ice powers. I can cover my hands in a layer of ice then I can

Brain Freeze: I create a small diamond of ice and propel it through your skull and into your Trigeminal Nerve. It get's lodged in there so deep that the brain freeze is intense and lasts untill the diamond melts.

Teleportation : I am currently struggling with the ability to unfreeze my body into water vapor and then refreeze the vapor around where I want to re appear. I can go about 15 yards.

The Suit: My suit is usually under my clothes (how cliche). It is a special suit that lowers my body temperature more so that I can produce more Ice. Also when I press the button on my suite my body will be covered in a hard layer of ice.

Hand to Hand: I am a Boxer and I have been taught by the best underground martial artists that New York can provide.

Weapons: You see, there used to be quite a few sword auctions in the better part of Brooklyn, So whenever someone would win the auction I would ask them if they were experienced with swords. Well most of the time I lucked out but one day I came across a man named Thomas Cross. And after that, lets just say there was alot of crying and blood. But eventually I became an expert in all melee weapons.


Heat: Well Duh that's like saying "does anyone know how I can melt this ice cube?"

Suit: Without my suit I have a decreased range of ice abilities. i.e I can only teleport a fourth as far, my ice won't be as strong.

Telepathy: In my full body ice state I am highly resistant to mental attacks but If I am Intruded my ice state will shatter.