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This new Thor looks pretty sweet. That costume is awesome. Too bad it couldn't be a non-legacy character, because she ain't staying Thor forever.

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@mightypug78: Actually, it takes place in "San Fransokyo", lol.

This looks pretty sweet. Is it just me or did the villain look sort of like Lord Deathstrike?

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Deathstroke after a long fight. Deadpool is by no means a slouch in h2h (when he's actually trying and not being dumb) but Slade is among the best, also, given his SS serum, I'd put his physique above Deadpool's. DP's healing factor might catch Slade off guard at first, but as the fight goes on, he'll eventually take the kill.

Some feats (I would post more, but I'm in a hurry)

Durability: Tanking an explosion

Falling from great Height:

Him fighting Immortal Man who has a HF on par with Wade's:

Those are all New 52 Deathstroke feats, where he has an Nth Metal suit, that increases his durability, and other physicals. This battle is with Pre-new 52 Deathstroke.

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I only really like the Original and the Teen Titans one. The others are meh.

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I'm stumped. These 2, along with Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, are my favorite Batman movies, and the only ones I actually own. I might have to have a marathon to determine which one is better.

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@g_man: Cool, Norm's back! Can't wait to listen.

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This reads less like a title, and more like a collection of marketing buzz words, whose sole purpose is to get as many butts in the seats as possible. It's like SEO meta tags in HTML pages, lol.

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@teerack said:

@martianmanhunterisbetterthancy: He likely wont come back since they just had that story about how the Watcher has a wife who is pregnant and the baby will be born when "the timing is perfect" so i think it's more likely watcher jr will replace him.

What?! The Watcher was married? O.O When did this happen?

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Nick Furry is gonna get one of the Uatu's Eyes put in his eye socket, making him even more the ultimate spy than he was before, because he will know everything.

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This should be an entertaining Popcorn flick at least. Shredder doesn't bother me. Megan Fox doesn't bother me (I don't get why she gets so much hate). It's weird that the Turtles are so big, and have more human like faces, but who cares. At least the action should be good. You can always count on Bay to deliver on that front.