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First thing that came to mind was the Web Shooters. Not the most powerful, but they are versatile, and would be loads of fun. Of course, it'll be hard to actually web-sling without Spider-Sense, Spider-Agility, and Spider-Strength. Oh well, I can still web people up, and play pranks on people, lol.

Second thing that came to mind was the GL ring.

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@Cafeterialoca said:

Yeah, I really liked this book.

@pspin said:

I like how this focuses on the adults more than the kids (WatXM focuses on the kids a lot)

Disagree. WatXM focuses on Aaron's pet kid characters. There's too many JGS kids I feel will be ignored for that book's main five.

Really, it's like the kids from the New X-men days don't even exist any more, except for a few, and even they don't get much attention.

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Am I the only one who want's Joseph to die in the end? I used to like Josef back in the 90s, mainly because I'd always enjoyed the idea of a Magneto setting aside his differences with the X-men, and them working together.

But now that the real Magneto is working with the X-men, his clone is redundant. And even further, I wouldn't want him to survive and remain evil either, because Joseph was a hero, so I'd hate to see hime remain a villian.

While this role-reversal between Joseph and Magneto has been great in this series, I don't think it would be beneficial for Joseph escaping this series alive. I can only hope that he redeems himself in the end, because who wants their heros to die as villains?

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With the shaved head Kaine looks like a western video game action hero.

I'm surprised at all the power changes he's gone through, especially the lack of anything resembling a Spider-Sense.

Overall it was a good book though. Cant wait to he him don the Spider-threads though.

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@jaredbright said:

I haven't read FF in quite a while. What are Artie and Leech doing there and shouldn't they be older?

Also, if Franklin gets older, why don't get Artie and Leech look older? Also, if Franklin gets older, how come Spider-man is a emotional boy-idiot?

Oh yeah, he's magic.

What are you talking about? Franklin doesn''t get older. In fact, he's actually gotten younger, as evidenced by a couple in issue birthday parties he's had.

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Awesome book, and Wiccan's speech was great. Cyclops was being pretty douchey and probably felt salty (yeah I had to bring back that word) after Wiccan was done.

I'm only upset that Doom couldn't give up the power and marry Wanda instead. That would have been too amazing. Doom will be Doom, but for once I wish he would get over himself and be more than Doom. Oh well, we still have the Doom/Val relationship developing in FF, that bound to pay out eventually.

Oh no! Why does Statures life have to be hnaging in the balance! She was one of my favorite Young Avengers, especially since Mighty Avengers. I hope she doesn't kick the bucket. I don't get why they'd bring back Scott only to kill his daughter. While I understand the need for 'bitter sweet' stories, Scott was before my time, Pym is the only Antman I like, and Cassie is better that Scott anyways.
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I kind of wish the Mob Rule story was over this issue. While I do enjoy the story, I really can't wait to see the New52 version of the Rogues. My anticipation of seeing the Rogues really spoils this issue for me.

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Not much more I can say that hasn't already been said. I agree that it can be confusing determining which child is which (but I was glad the Franklin was substantially taller than Val since he should be about twice her age).

I'm really glad that Hickman is continuing to develop Val's and Doom's relationship. Heck when she was first introduced, she was know as Valeria Von Doom, so it's nice to see that the relationship is still their in her latest incarnation.

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@Daycrawler said:

Where logic possibly breaks down however is Loeb referring to Cable timesliding to the far future and then back to the present. Given that, in Second Coming, Cable only had power/tech for one more time slide into the Bastion controlled future and the whole premise of his sacrifice was that he was holding an Sentinel time portal back to the present open, I'd like to know how he can suddenly timeslide again!

Maybe Blaquesmith gave him a new time machine or fixed his old one so he could time travel again.

This issue has me stoked. Can't wait for more.

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He is more then just Rogue's ex-boyfriend. It is amazing to me how others has taken his core characters appeals (charm, accent, trench coat, courage and cunning) and have executed them well in other characters such as Fantomex, and Grifter, and writers can barely do anything with the man himself.

You know, I'd probably like Uncanny X-Force even more if Gambit replaced Fantomex.