X-Men: Ressurection. Fanfiction Ideas

Another idea for some x-men fanfiction, let me know what you think.

A group of deceased x-men find themselves inexplicably returned from the dead. Together, they set out to find the answers for their resurrection, and confront the changes that have occured in their world. As they investigate, they discover that all of the teamate's graves are empty (with the exception of Jubilee, who has no grave), and that genetic and telepathic screening cannot determine whether they are clones, AU counterparts, or something else entirely. Having visited both Utopia and Wolverine's School, the team decide not to settle in either location, instead moving from place to place. The team roster is as follows:

Charlie 'Cerebro' Xavier

As a man of science, Professor Xavier never put much stock in the idea of an afterlife. However, whatever he expected to encounter after dying, it wasn't to be ressurected a few months later, half-way around the world and in the body of a teenager (complete with a full head of blond hair). Taking on the new codename 'Cerebro', Xavier faces the knowledge that he was murdered by one of his first students, and adapts to life in a world in which his dream has apparently failed. For Charlie (as he now calls himself), a part of the challenge is the fact that he is now apparently only 16 years old, and, despite having the mental age of a grown man, he still has the instincts and impulses of a young man. As the team live on the move, Charlie has developed a portable version of Cerebro which forms a backpack and lightweight headset, allowing him to tap into the Cerebro systems around the world.

Jubilation 'Jubilee' Lee

The last thing Jubilee remembers before her death is being attacked by vampires during the 'Curse of the Mutants' storyline. Now, not only is she back, but her mutant powers, lost to her since M-Day, have returned. Unlike the other members of the team, Jubilee faces a unique challenge. Upon arriving at Utopia, she iscovers that there is already a Jubilee on the team. With both girls certain that they are the true, original Jubilee, tensions soon begin to rise. Horified by what she has become, Jubilee vows to hunt down and destroy every vampire she comes across.

Kevin 'Mimic' Sydney

The first x-man to fall in battle, Kevin has spent years in the afterlife, making several attempts to return to life and gain his revenge on his former teamates. Now that he's back, however, he seems to be more interested in finding who is responsible for screwing with him. As such, he has set aside his hatred for Xavier and joined his team, at least for the time being. Strangely, Mimic is the only member of the team whose powers have been effected by his ressurection. His shapeshifting powers now work at a molecular level, allowing him to transform any part of his body into anything he wishes, although this is a power which he initially has a lot of difficulty conrtolling.

John 'Warpath' Proudstar

Having already been ressurected once before, John is used to being confronted by the changes which occur in one's absence. However, his lasting memory of his time as Selene's undead slave was his destruction at the hands of his own brother, the x-man Thunderbird. Taking the new name 'Warpath', John joins Xaviers team in the hopes of finding who has ressurected him. However, he has vowed that he won't return to his grave until he gets his revenge on his brother.

Kurt 'Nightcrawler' Wagner

Kurt, as a lifelong Catholic, was always sure of the saving grace of Heaven. Although he refuses to speak of his time while dead, it is clear that the experience has shaken Nightcrawler to his core. Kurt's final action was saving the mutant Messiah Hope Summers from Bastion. Returned from the dead, he is horrified when he realises what the Utopian x-men, and his former friend Cyclops, has become. Moreover, he is shocked when a visit to the new Jean Grey School reveals that, in a cruel twist of fate, his Age of Apocalypse counterpart is alive and well. Kurt is thus faced with the knowledge that, while his own pacifistic ways have led to his own death, his counterparts near-homicidal passion for violence have kept him alive. Challenged in every way, Kurt is forced to completely reavaluate every aspect of his life.

So I've got the team, but not much in the way of a plot. What do you think?

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