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@hylian said:

@beaconofstrength: He could use disable which would hinder hulk.

He could use confusion which would confuse hulk.

Use a variety of moves to amp his attacks.

Make some earthquakes

Recover from what Hulk uses against him

Protect against whatever Hulk does

Use Grass knot (It's power depends on the weight of the opponent. Hulk is heavy)

Drain punch It steals the opponents hp)


Also that's how the attacks work. So don't try saying that they won't work.

Pokemon mechanics are very hard to compare. The best feats we have from mewtwo are from the first movie and from some statements. Hulk has tons of feats and it's more durable than mewto as far as we know.

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@chazz85 said:

Do the flood count here?

@rickythanos said:

The Black Lanterns, I'd say.

Im going with these two. Flood were galaxy level and black lanterns were a universal threat(although they did rise from the ground.

The Flood with the aid of a single twisted Precursor were crushing entire solar systems and beding reality in order to spread themselfs in the galaxy. They were taking 80 planets a day for decades inorder to defeat the Forerunner armada.

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Mewtwo has very little feats on booth manga, animes and games. Hulk handles this.

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Garou is teleported within the realm of Dragon Ball and starts going around stomping everyone in the process. Whomever he meets with the Z Warriros who wil ltry his best to take him down.

-Beggining of Z saga.

Round 1: Yamcha

Round 2: Tien Shienhan, Yamcha and Yarijobe.

Round 3: Krillin and Piccolo.

Round 4: Gohan and Picollo.

Round 5: Goku.

Master Round: Piccolo, Goku and Gohan.

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A very good man for it's time. An also black with black eyes. There was no way he cold be caucasian.

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Why u people ressurect this old threads?

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Title says all. Quicksilver from X-Men movie and Age of Ultron passes around Flash amd kes hi mdrops his icecream. Flash then wants to blow his nipples to infinity so he can sell his nipples atoms on ebay to pay another icecream+ the house bills.

-Xmen feats allowed.


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If they are powerful enough to get here, then they are powerful enough to do pretty much anything they want. Faster than light travel, although common in sci-fi, is pretty much physically impossible in the real world. If the aliens can get to Earth faster than light, that means they can break the laws of physics. So it wouldn't be humans vs advanced aliens, it'd be humans vs. an omnipotent race.

That would be the Beyonders lol

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@sophia89 said:
@frocharocha said:

Let's say for a minute, if aliens decided to invade us for whatever reason, let's say turn people into cattle, do you believe that human kind would have chance to fight back and eliminate the alien threat?

I would say that it would depend on how advanced they are. If they cold arrive here in minutes with a fully prepared fleet, this would probably be Godzilla vs Lizard (Spider-Man.)

Wait do they have a way to turn us into cows, or did you mean they want to enslave us or eat us?

Enslave and eat us, like we do to cows and chikens.

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@sophia89 said:
@drfate said:

@sophia89: no it doesn't. But being able to possibly create high-speed Interstellar travel mahines, does mean that they are super-advanced in technology. We, with merely a couple of centuries aren't capable of traveling from planet to planet with enough Speed for it to actually be useful. However we can already create nuclear bombs, thanks to which we can destroys entire cities in minutes. Native Americans created bows, axes and other andvanced weaponry ( as for their times ) before being able to travel through the sea. The same pattern goes on and on thoughout the history. People are creating amazing weaponry before being able to use it in/on another land or people.

Of course, i'm not saying that the same thing would happen on another planet, but we can never know, so i'm just assasins that it's possible

I understand, It is a possible scenario.

Although keep in mind the Vikings had vessels capable of traveling the ocean, yet they weren't far advanced from other European countries. The alien race could have been one that rose without any war united as one and only developed what they needed to survive and advance not for war and conquering.

Well there are two possible scenarios. That will be either Europeans finding the natives of America or a plane finding an unkkown tribe in the amazon basin. I think that with the second scenario they would probably just ignore us, while with the first scenario they would probably atack us.