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I just finished the 5th season of HxH and there are somethings i don't get. So will share my opnions in this battle anyway.

Round 1 Meruem Pre-Nuke vs Gon-san.

Round 2. Meruem Post-Nuke vs Gon San.

My opnion on this battle: Gon San wins, booth rounds. Round 2 with extremely difficult (could loose if not careful enough.) Why?

-Was able to dodge with no effort pitou atacks.

-Judging by his face, he was able to effortelsy fatally wound pitou with a regular kick.

-Meruem tried to kill Pitou before with a strong attack with intention to kill her. She barely felt it.

-It seems that he wanted to loose his arm for whatever reason. He easily dodge the same atack again. Killua also noticed pitou atacking him. Judging by his previous feats in the same form, there's little doubt he was also seeing this atack.

-Was so fast that it was able to escape from pitou sight. She was able to feel netero flying up in the clouds. She's also extremely fast. There's no reason to belive Gon completely outmatched her in speed.

-The full extension of jojokenpo power is unknown. Judging by his face again, Killua stopped Gon from releasing a full powerd jojokenpo, or either he wasn't using the full extension of his powers. Hited as hard as the nuke anyway.

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They damaged him with a regular crowbat with no impact at all. I can't understand how.

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Ends with sex.

Oh wait.

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Justice league easily

Doesn't the royal guard display from similar feats?

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The front-door of East gatey palace is atacked by these dudes. They will fight to death to protect team

-Animated version of New 52.


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Uh, you guys do realise this is composite Supes, right? You know that includes Silver Age, Prime 1 Million, Thought Robot, etc.

Smash bros may destroy.

If sonic achives Super Sonic form, he becomes a universal buster.

Kirby maybe?

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Doesn´t matter what Alucard trows at him. Thanos is on a whole other level.

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Title says all. The horrible Sonichu from the Sonichu series goes agaisn't the Sonic from Sonic Boom: The Ryse of Lyric. I really don't have a setup for this.


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@frocharocha said:

@hatemalingsia said:

What is Slender's cannon feats?

Mind rape.


Low-Omnipresence (can appear anywhere, part of his teleportation)

Low Omniscience ( Knows everything people are doing.)

Super Strength (tentacles?)

Invulnerability (immune to weaponry)

Don't know what Geralt can bring with 1 week prep but I feel like those powers are too much for him. IIRC Geralt was mind raped or knocked unconscious by telepathy several times.

Considering the fact that Geralt was able to personally mock the King of The Wild Hunt and lives in a world full of magic, i'm confident he would be able to beat Slender. Injury him, but not kill.