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Totally agree with the analysis that this issue (as well as the issue before) is very Luthor-centered ... a bit too much in my opinion, because Batman comes out as some jerk played easily. While its ok that Lex and Bruce can match each other in terms of technological and strategical genius (Lex more technological, Bruce more strategical), its totally out of character that Bruce acts so predictable and playable and Lex knows so much about Batman.

By the way: its a thrilling story, well written and I really loved some moments (best: Cold taking Quicks leg), BUT its not very original - since its an unashamed step-by-step rip-off of Marvel: 1- conspiracy (skrulls = secret society) - 2 - world devasting invasion (Secret Invasion/Skrulls = Forever Evil/ Crime Syndicate) - 3 - villain glory (Osborn = Luthor) - 4 - dark reign (Osborn takes over Stark technology and Avengers = Luthor plays Batman and lets see how it follows with the League?).

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The show suffers because of AMC. If AMC had never wanted to cut the budget, Darabont wouldn't have departed, neither would Dale's actor. Fear the Hunters NEEDS Dale but since we don't have him, I guess we have the Terminus...

True in a way, but the role of a character can be replaced by another. My guess is Tyreese - since he didn't really match the team (Abraham has much more potential and on TV we have also Daryl ... so too much strong male characters). He also hasn't the connection to Rick and I guess will not get it. And his leg has way more meaty than Dale's ... *barfing*

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7 episodes since the fall of the prison and this one was the first gleam of hope … ok, it was far from being good, but it got some direction again. Of course there are still some pretty dumb moments like the tunnel scene: Tara jamming her leg just for artificial suspense and of course it’s impossible to lift the stone … come on … it’s so hackneyed, so lukewarm.

At least 4 or better 5 of these super-lame, mega-boring stand-alone episodes should have been made like this one: watching the splinter groups parallel in one episode and cutting the stretched “2-3 person stories” of 5 episodes into 2 or 3.

However, if this is the TV adaptation of “The Hunters”, I really hope the show runners don’t mess it up like the Governor story arc. In my opinion, The Hunters story arc had a very important role in the overall character development of Rick as well as the forming of the group. First, of course, the cannibalism was the shocking moment, but the real surprise of the Hunters story arc was in my opinion: the new formed group (Rick's and Abraham's) handled them easily. The Hunters considered themselves bad ass, but were always portrayed as cowards (they usually didn't attack large groups, but they were hungry) ... they never were a real threat to Rick and Abrahams group. So for the first time Rick's group was the bad ass group. In my opinion this is important, because it later misleads the expectations of the reader and creates an amazing twist in the Alexandria Safe Zone story arc.

So I really hope they do this story arc well.

Still I’m totally disappointed of this season. I really hoped after the endless stretching of the Governor story arc till midseason final, the second half of the season would tell the Hunters story arc and the cliffhanger of season 4 would be the beginning of the Alexandria Safe Zone story arc.

Now I’m afraid, we’ll see the Hunters story arc next season. And I really, really hope they rush with the pacing of this annoyingly slow show next season.

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Another irrelevant, isolated stand-alone episode. More than one splinter group, but still no clue about the main plot ... still much tooo slow ... tooo much repeating "character development" ... and even a good soundtrack can't cover the weak writing. Good writting means that you afterwards recognize how good the soundtrack was ...

However, still a weak episode and the overall plot line and main theme of the show totally lost: Rick and his group. Character development has to be connected to the group and has to be placed within the group. TWD is a 90s stand-alone episodes TV show now ...

And why would Daryl open the door without any caution in the middle of the night - just because once a dog came by??? Ridiculous! What was the purpose of the scenes of him and Beth in the house anyway? What was the purpose of the last epsiode, and the one before ...

This show is so done!

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@djbest02 said:

I enjoyed this episode so much. Although many consider it a filler, I don't consider it one. In an apocalyptic world a person might lose all sense of self, becoming a hollow person or he/she can shine through it. This episode showed that. I absolutely adore Beth because even though she is living in that horrific world, she is still a teenager and to me, her being girly and seeing through outfits its a reminder that she is human and like any other human, she yearns to live in a better place and not only that, she's ready to FIGHT for a better place. Daryl is humanized as well. Everyone is used to him being a badass and guess what? He cries like everyone else. Its good to see episodes like these because it humanizes the characters and it helps us relate better with them.

Well, you can consider this episode no filler in your own world ... however, it's still a filler by definition:

Filler episodes are entries in a generally continuous serial that are unrelated to the main plot, don't significantly alter the relations between the main characters, and generally serve only to take up space.

- This episode didn't relate to the main plot: Even if there isn't hardly any main plot in this series anymore, it didn't relate to any plot ... it was a pure stand-alone episode.

- Characters relations: Besides the two - Daryl and Beth - it did nothing for the portrayal of the group or in relation to main characters. It dived into a microcosmos of two sidekick characters isolated from the main characters and the main plot.

- Take up space and time: This episode serves just the goal to have an episode more. Even the stand-alone-plot isn't very relevant and could be reduced easily to a subplot in an episode before - especially the scenes of the other splinter groups were already too long before and should have reduced too. This episode just serves the goal to not to go forward with the story or portray the interaction of the group or the TV shows universe, nor is there any real character development ...

No matter you consider it no filler ... its for sure a FILLER EPISODE!

Even worse: It's a boring filler!

However, so its a filler and ... it's ok ... you like fillers ... at least this one ... got it!


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@shackle said:

I don't envy the creative team of TWD. Here they are trying to make a grownup drama in a fantastical environment, and give characters some depth and humanity, and 90% of the audience are mouth breathing "not enough zombie smashing FAIL" morons.

Come on, this wasn't character development or giving depth and humanity, but just boring and even a pretty dumb plot even for a stand-alone episode.

But most of all, what you obviously didn't get: It's not about more zombie smashing action - it's about about pacing and a consistent plot that follows the group around Rick and Carl (which are - like it or not - the main characters). Character development has to meet with plot development. It's about Rick and his son surviving by finding a new family and building a new community.

Nobody is interested in wandering through woods, slaying walkers, searching for food ... seen too often ... show's too long too slow ... it needs a direction again. And direction means back to the overall story about the group and no more stand-alone fillers without any relevant connection to the main plot.
That can't be denied! Even not by "morons" ...

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Next episodes preview seems to focus on Maggie's splinter group. Oh my god, I really can't stand this pacing any longer ... 4 epsiodes after the fall of the prison, the same stories would have been easily told within 2 episodes ... and just 4 episodes left to season final.

More and more I guess, I will skip this show and move on to well written shows with a consistent plot line like VIKINGS (History Channel), Justified (FX), House of Cards (Netflix) or even HBO's Game of Thrones, which is also pretty SLOW, but at least it has a consistent plot line.

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SUCH A needless FILLER

"While Still offered some great character-driven moments, the pacing really, really took a toll on the episode. Simply put: many scenes felt drawn-out and getting to the more compelling material took far too much time. The fact it doesn't move the narrative forward at all doesn't help, either. I won't be surprised if many of you view this one as filler."


It doesn't move the story forward and - and that's really bad for the show, especially given the fact that the show's pacing is a mess for too long now (stretching and fillers everywhere, focusing on characterisation with the wrong characters, most of all The Governor, ... now these two).

The episode was so boring and so out of the actual plot line, I really wanted to TURN OFF the episode the whole time. It's really an episode you just can leave out without missing anything important.

The Walking Dead is a TEAM BOOK (since it's a comic book series) ... the TV show is too ... which means characterisation is just interesting in direct relation to the interaction in the whole team. It's the problem of many team books to think (after a while) focusing on team members individually will benefit the whole book (especially highlighting sidekick characters) ... but it's wrong, at least it's wrong when its overdone! But there are always fans of the highlighted characters ... so these fillers are common. Unfortunately!

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It was an ok episode, not really great and again a bit too slow. But ok. The last episode with Rick, Carl and Michonne was much better.

I don't see why its necessary to follow all splinter groups ... which needs a full epiosde. They should find together soon. In my opinion the part with Daryl and Beth was totally needless, as well as the one with Maggie searching for Glenn - especially when we later see Glenn in the prison (its still obviously stretching the plot for more TV episoides, in my opinion ... which the show runners did the whole first half of the season).

Glenn escaping from prison with Tara was a good scene and ... hallelujah ... finally lead to the first appearance of Abraham and his group, which hits (just based on the look) the mark (in adapting the comic book characters into TV). The episode would have been much more exciting without showing all groups and going forward with the plot faster ... so we would just see them joining later with Maggie and the others.

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@danhimself: Good point! But not necessarily. All I know it's a completely different group in an other region ... don't know, but I always had the west coast in mind. So Carol would have to travel pretty fast, given the circumstances.