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If true, this is a very good move. Instead of Aquaman, they could add Hawkman/Hawkgirl.

WB should really test the waters first and do research regarding Aquaman's popularity before putting him out there.

Aquaman has been written as the defacto leader, but he ain't that in the non comic book fans eyes. AC should get at least a cameo and or a movie once the movie succeeds. An Aquaman movie with Black Manta would be awesome.

Or maybe the impending alien invasion leads to a Throne of Atlantis storyline in the sequel. Atlanteans attack!

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The reason why Marvel did what they did is because, they have to establish B list characters. Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow etc are not household names. Ironman could be argued due to his popularity in the late 80's early 90's. But what Marvel had to work with was far less than people assume. Barely retaining onto an A lister like the HULK was what really kickstarted this comic book trend. It kinda gave them a sense that they will lose out on bigger things if they don't get it done now.

Marvel Studios at the very beginning only had Captain America as the household name, name that could rival Batman/Superman in popularity. Everybody knew they sold movie rights of their most popular characters Xmen, Spiderman, FF due to financial issues. Henceforth they have to make solo movies in modest budget like 100 to 125 million.

NOW WB has a solid foundation and isn't going bankrupt any time soon. They can go a variety of ways in terms of building a cinematic universe. It seems like they will go ahead a meet Avengers head on. JL characters are icons and are more known than their Avengers counterpart. This is why they had the New 52, they used it re-introduce and refresh characters for old and new readers.

WB will be JL and move on from there. It's not what fans want but it is the cost efficient way of doing things. MOS if a big hit will usher in more green lights for future productions. If it flops. WB stays with their animation department.

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NLC is coming up with Y the Last Man. Happy?

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Aquaman should be Filipino, Green Lantern should be gay, Flash should be Jamaican, Green Arrow should be a Chinese Billionaire, Batman should stay white, and Wonder Woman should be a smoking hot Persian.

Sounds ideal bro?

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Have you heard of New Line Cinemas boss? That's the banner they use when they want to try out something out of the ordinary. Although it hasn't been used in months. I am seeing a lot of WB Studio distributed movies though.

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They sure made Diana into this little bitch. Superman can do whatever. I am on board with the pairing, not how they characterize Wonder Woman.

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Batman sucks, he's useless now. He's a supposedly leading the JL yet, he just doesn't feel like the old fashion Batman. He's still awesome with his kids though.

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Well I guess Ororo is a cornball sister and a midget lover. Anyways they are a great pair. Both are Scott's left and right hand, well Wolverine would be Scott's balls.

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I am a nineties kid so the Jim Lee art is definitely the bomb for me. Just the blue and yellow was so amazing to see.

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Brad Pitt. Old and wily. He will do the Emerald Archer justice and will give the movie the RDJ type of pull in the Box Office.

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