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Time to cheer for the bad guys. Here are your subjects for the next contest:

Take the Secret 6 and mix (one two or many) them with Sinister's Marauders.

Final date: April 30th Voting on May 1st. Good luck!

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Thanks guys! I will get one up today. If you have any suggestions, I am open. Just inbox me. Thanks again.

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Congratulations Artiomiq2w! It is your turn to pick the next classic we get to update. Thank you all for participating!

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@donnergeist: I am sorry. I have already posted the voting thread.

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Here are your contenders! Name is in the upper right hand corner. Voting ends on the 8th.

A side note: I did take into account what Shatterstar said. I didn't disqualify the Hero Machine entry simply because I didn't state at the beginning of the contest that you couldn't use such devices. I personally don't like to DQ anybody who puts forth an effort especially since the onus was on me to make sure the rules were clear.

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The Unknown = Ghost Rider + The Unknown Soldier

Widowmaker = Spiderman + Deadshot

Megalodon = The Hulk + King Shark

The Edge = Wolverine + Captain Boomerang.

To be fair, you did say any member of the FF. Lol. Also the site doesn't allow for more than 2 postings in a row that is why they are all on the same post.

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For our next venture into the golden era of super heroics, we have the Spark Man. Comicvine has this to say about Spark Man:

he was classical violinist Omar Kavak, who on finding that he sometimes built up a charge while using his bow experimented to see just how far he might be able to push this phenomena.

In the end Omar invented a pair of odd looking gloves that let him supercharge himself up with static electricity without harm..

Devising a costume and the secret identity of The Spark Man he then went out to fight crime.

After a little over a year as the Spark Man America entrance into World War II and Omar took an unusual tack for a superhero, he left his costume behind and joined the army to fight as a common, if not ordinary solider. (though they kept showing him in costume on the cover in a small box they moved him from being the cover feature.)

The series continued on with him as a solider until he was replaced by Nancy and Sluggo and other kid oriented features without him ever returning to it.

And for reference:

So, contest ends April 4th with voting concluded on April 7th. If you find you need extra time, drop me a line and we'll make it so.

@shatterstar : Please pin? Thank you.

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Thank you everyone! Wow....first one in this category. I'll have one up in a bit.

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