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When Edgar Wright first talked about the project he said he saw it as a legacy story where Hank Pym was in a 60s-Tales-to-Astonish setting as Ant-Man only to eventually retire and have his suit stolen by Scott Lang in the present. i think it is a pretty awesome idea and damn cool casting. This is exactly the kind of idea that will help differentiate some of the superhero movies. Like Mask of Zorro

This made me think. It could be cool if this was a movie set in the 60s with Paul Rudd as young Hank Pym and Michael Douglas a modern day Pym looking back. Not sure if that would work too well without time travel.

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An Ezekiel spin-off movie could be pretty interesting. Do The Other storyline in the Spider-Man movie then spin-off and explore Ezekiel's backstory.

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I guess they're going by age, in a way trying to say Wolverine and Cap were members of the team in spirit before there was a team. With Cap I can see this more, since he may have formed the Avengers if he wasn't frozen in ice. I can't say the same for Wolverine. It took a lot of work to get him to be a real team player.

As far as Origin II, I'm not excited. It could be interesting, but seems unnecessary and I don't feel a need to know more of his past. But who knows? It could be a really great story.

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When I saw the moon looking O and the red eye I was thinking werewolf, but demonic possession is even better. Looking forward to this.

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While Deathstroke may have the best chance of survival as a loner I think a few of these people would end up teaming up, increasing their odds.

It's going to be necessary at some point to have at least one other person with you to watch as you sleep. Wolverine will probably quickly sniff out the Walking Dead Team and after watching them a bit probably throw in with them (Even though the clash of personalities is going to be horrible.) He'll probably play the independent outsider at first like Michonne.

Green Arrow and Snake Eyes have worked with teams, so I'd add them to the Wolverine/Walking Dead group. This could be a potent force to survive, though some of the Walking Deaders may not make it.

The others may form temporary alliances from time to time, but most of them prefer to work alone. Deathstroke and Taskmaster will probably have the worst time with this and may just go it alone which could be their downfall.

So in the end I'd say Deathstroke vs. Wolverine/Green Arrow/Snake Eyes/Walking Dead team...though that's not a poll option...

So let's say only one surivivor from this team. I'd go with Snake Eyes making it out from this group. Though a zombie Wolverine would be tough to kill with the adamantium-laced skull and spine. I say Green Arrow takes him out with an arrow to the eye before succumbing himself, leaving Snake Eyes the lone survivor to escape.

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I could be off-base with this, but I see Winter Soldier like Jason Bourne. At lot of his fighting skills were buried in his subconscious and come out without thinking. Of course this could have changed with time now that he has his memory back.

If his fighting skills are still subconscious reactions that could give him an edge, making it harder for Batman to anticipate his movements. Of course given time Batman would probably figure out the style, just wouldn't be able to rely on WS telegraphing his movements.

As far as Winter Soldier's metallic arm, it's hard to say. I guess it depends on if the electric shock would all be absorbed by Batman's suit. The arm's strength would be an advantage if they ended up in any kind of MMA-type holds. But sparring independently it would just be a lucky shot here or there.

Bucky's guns are supposed to be stronger than average. Not sure if this is just armor piercing or beyond. So again this depends on how this compares to Batman's armor.

I think it would be an interesting fight, but I'd probably go with Batman 6-4.

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The more I look at it, the better it looks. I want that coat :) I can see this becoming his look in the comics (if it hasn't already). And I'm totally fine with Ben Kingsley. According to Mandarin's origin:

"His father was a direct descendant of Genghis Khan, and his mother was a British aristocrat."

EDIT: Just realized he's got a little Alan Moore going on.

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So, taking a look at my's interesting to see how costume colors change with characters. Robin losing the secondary color when he's a stronger, more independent character. But when a new Robin emerges they start with green again. Wolverine loses the primary colors and becomes a darker anti-hero. Batman, too, goes to shades of gray.

It does seem, at least from this list, the more heroic characters are mostly in the primary color category. And are they the most popular/iconic?

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Okay, let's see how this applies to other groups...

Original Avengers: Thor and Hulk definitely have the strength and invulnerability covered. Thor could also cover cold breath with weather control and lightning is somehwat similar to heat vision, and of course flight. Iron Man definitely invulnerability. Wasp's stings could be like heat vision (did she have them at first?). Ant-Man, microscopic vision?

Fantastic Four: Thing, strength and invulnerability. Human Torch, heat vision. Sue could turn objects invisible to have an x-ray vision of sorts. Reed's the odd man out here, though he could replicate flight with his inventions. No cold breath here.

All New Original X-Men: Collosus and Thunderbird, strength and invulnerability. Wolverine, heightened senses. Cyclops or Sunfire, "heat" vision. Storm, flight and again cold breath -> weather control. Nightcrawler's the odd one out here.

New Mutants: Cannonball, flight and invulnerability. Magma, heat vision. Wolfsbane, heightened senses. Warlock, alien origin. Sunspot, strength...

Yeah, I guess this could apply to a lot of groups. Now I wonder if these are essential for every superhero group.