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Love Rick!

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@dondave said:

Even though I knew someone was going to betray Constantine, I didn't see this coming.

Same here... That was out of nowhere.

@dernman said:

About half way through the episode I guessed the twist at the end.

I thought the twist was that Constantine was going to kill Jim and frame the man for his murder once I heard the gunshot but nope it turned out to be a little more crazy!

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Gosh, Darterman is a beast on this art. I'm quite upset I've never see the rainbow bridge look so good.

That bridge is beautiful!

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@guru_crack: No probs. Haven't been very active in 4-5 years haha

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30. Thor
29. Hal Jordan
28. Hawkeye
27. Guy Gardner
26. Deadpool
25. The Killer
24. Black Panther
23. John Stewart
22. Constantine
21. Kyle Rayner
20. Luke Cage

19. Star Lord
18. Rocket Raccoon
17. Gambit
16. Jason Todd
15. Wolverine
14. Booster Gold
13. Damian Wayne
12. Groot
11. Kilowog
10. Barry Allen
9. Captain America
8. Iron Man
7. Punisher
6. Dr. Strange
5. Human Torch
4. Mr. Fantastic
3. Beta Ray Bill
2. Wonder Woman
1. Kate Bishop


30. Sinestro
29. Loki
28. Vulcan
27. Joker
26. Namor
25. Larfleeze
24. Black Hand
23. Atrocitus
22. Tracksuit Mafia
21. Deathstroke
20. Mister X
19. Sabretooth
18. Magneto
17. Malekith
16. Bane
15. Harley Quinn
14. Darth Vader
13. Deadshot
12. Ultron
11. Black Adam
10. Nekron
9. Thanos
8. H'el
7. Darth Maul
6. Crossbones
5. Captain Cold
4. Dr. Doom
3. Zoom
2. Ghost
1. Bizarro

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Hopefully they at least cast Matt Ryan as Constantine in the JL: Dark film. Get it done DC!

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Anyone wanna give me a clue on how well or the style of writing that Doyle does? Hoping this Constantine series will be amazing! Rossmo's art seems to fit in well with the entire Hellblazer theme.

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@fresh_prince: well what you see as "character development" I see as humiliation and degradation. We'll just have to agree to disagree.

And I haven't spent a dime on this crap and never will. I already have most of Thors old issues.

About the complaining that bothers you so:

As long as it's our burden to weather this idiocy to pass, it's your, and others like you, burden to weather our never ending distaste and disgust until then! Sorry.

Yeah agree to disagree and no worries. I too do not like this change much but I believe it's being handled in the best way possible. Making a character like Thor more grounded should also allow for more development but I have no doubt that he'll be back to wielding Mjolnir soon.

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@skaldadottir said:

@fresh_prince: Ignoring all the yelling for a moment, that's an interesting interpretation: Mjolnir "telling" Thor to back down. I like the idea that Mjolnir was communicating with him via its actions, not that it was that the newcomer is somehow magically more skilled than Thor is with it.

Thanks and if I remember correctly I think Thor said something like "Mjolnir never moved that way for me" and yeah I interpreted that as Mjolnir talking to him in a way. Whether that was the case or not, it's something I like to believe in so this all makes more sense.

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@fresh_prince: "FINALLY ACTUALLY SEE HIM HUMBLED???" Where've you been the past decade may I ask? This very story has humiliated him! What do you call getting your arm sliced off by a sissy elf? Not only a blow to his status but a major blow to his damage resistance! Thor shouldn't be dismembered so easily I don't care what the weapon is. Further, it was Malekith who is and always has been a nobody. Were it Kurse then MAYBE. A BIG maybe. Then he is equal to a paltry nobody? His powers aren't diminished one bit regardless of not having that POS hammer. So why is he stalemating a worthless toothpick? (I loved him almost beheading her with that ax throw!) Then he becomes friendly with her out of nowhere when he was trying to kill her?! Wtf? That is out of character. Once thor is in combat he doesn't back down for anyone. He barely did for Cap and that's cap! Who is this wussy girl to get him to back down? Please.

I've been right here reading Thor comics. Getting your arm sliced off by Malekith with Jarnbjorn is not downgrading Thor in any way at all. That axe was used to pierce celestial armor so why wouldn't it be able to cut off his arm? This is in no way a blow to his damage resistance. I also wouldn't go as far as to say Malekith is a nobody, he's a character that people do enjoy and he has certainly been getting a push these days and it is something I do not mind. How is his power diminished? He stood up to Lady-Thor who apparently has his attributes from the time he wielded the hammer. He pretty much stood up to his old self except he did it without Mjolnir in hand. And he became friendly with her not because of who she is or how she acts, but because Mjolnir "told" him to. He of all people understands Mjolnir and to see his hammer behave in a way that he hasn't seen before just told him that she was worthy to hold the hammer after he was deemed unworthy and that is what humbled him.

Mind you he's been humbled aplenty in the past few years. So for you to say "FINALLY HUMBLED" is kinda ignorant. Dazzler, Rachel summers, Emma frost, colossus, magik, hulk, red hulk, on and on it goes. And none of them made any sense. Now this crap. And where do you get off saying he's stagnant? He's one of the most diverse heroes around. Constantly changing threats and storylines that stay in line with what's established not just made up to suit the whims of an idiot madman who can't write to save his life. If you're enjoying it fine. But don't question those of us who hate this disrespect of our favorite character by asking why we're complaining about the allegedly "stellar" treatment. It pretty obvious to see.

Those accounts that you just mentioned weren't him being humbled, that was him being humiliated or just flat out beat in a fight. Thor can't win every single fight, bad writing or not, and him or any other character losing a fight for that matter doesn't mean that they are automatically humbled. Here we saw him embrace his new role instead of just coming back looking for another fight or not having any progression for his character. Simply changing threats and storylines does not mean a change in character it just means that there is another story to tell and frankly everyone needs to change at some point. I think Aaron is a good writer and he certainly proved it during God of Thunder and maybe that's my opinion and not yours. If you don't like the way Thor is being written now and the direction Aaron is taking the character then you really don't have to read his run. If you want Thor to be the way he always was then go back and reread his past stories. And I am questioning this by the way because I am tired of hearing people complain on and on when all they need to do is simply drop the comic or read past works on Thor again instead of bashing Marvel and their writers.