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Ord! 0

There is a lot of energy and action in this issue. Dr. Rao claims to have a cure for mutants. Plus, there is a new villain, Ord of Breakworld. Ord and a group of henchmen take hold a fundraiser hostage which is a ploy to get to the X-Men. The X-Men attack Ord, whom actually has the upper-hand until Kitty’s long-time -no-see pet-dragon, Lockheed shows up and defeats Ord. Wolverine, the much loved smart-ass comments: “Hell, I think we should make him team leader” lol. The X-Men save the day and t...

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Astonishing 0

The X-Men are back together again like old times. The line-up is Cyclops, Emma Frost, Beast, Wolverine, and Kitty Pryde. Wolverine isn’t over Jean’s death or the fact that Scott is now with Emma Frost . Cyclops is in charge and wants to Astonish the world. With John Cassaday’s art and Joss Whedon’s writing, who could not like this new title. All together, Astonishing X-Men readers will have a blast. ...

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A Turning Point In Beast's Life 0

Beast did not always have blue fur. He experimented and thus had blue fur as a result. Beast for the most part has always been the brains of the X-Men. He even found a cure for the Legacy Virus. Beast is usually very loyal to the team but in truth has always wanted to be human . When Dr. Kavita Rao, found a “cure” for mutations, Beast kept a sample. This, of all people, really pissed off Wolverine. Wolverine told Beast that curing his mutation is the cheap way out. Know that mutants are almost ...

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Penance 0

Generation X takes in Penance who was left on the front lawn in the last issue. Penance escapes and the team tries to bring her in. I did not like Jubilee when she was with the X-Men, but I really like her in the Generation X series. Jubilee and Synch are very funny and make a good pair. What makes this a good series is that all the characters are great and very dynamic.Lots of action and more to come! Yet another good read! ...

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The Next Generation 0

The first issue of the Generation X series is outstanding! Generation X is a team full of teenagers and most the series is about how teenage mutants deal with thier powers. Banshee and Emma Frost (ex-White Queen) lead and teach the students how to use thier powers and to one day become X-Men. Generation X face thier first villain, Emplate; and an awsome one too. The issue ends with the appearance of Penance! Lobdell and Bachalo are fantastic and should do all X-titles. This issue is absolutely w...

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Boy Meets Father 0

The last book of the four parter comes to an end with Sabretooth finally meeting his son, Graydon. Graydon really hates mutants because both his parents are mutants and he is human. Graydon will later create the Friend of Humanity. At the end, Graydon kills Bridy because she was able to numb Sabretooth's pain. This was a good way to end the Sabretooth four parter because now Sabretooth needs another telepath to numb his pain. To follow up on Sabretooth, read X-Men Unlimited #3 to see if he will ...

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Sabretooth Has A Son?! 0

Sabretooth and Wolverine have a pointless fight which only become a draw. Wolverine only shows up in this title because he is on a date with Mystique. Turns out that Mystique went undercover as Leni Zauber and teamed up with Sabretooth around the same time he was with Team X. Wolverine and Sabretooth are still alive because of thier healing factor. Mystique is still alive due to her power of shapeshifting. After all the flashbacks of Mystique and Sabretooth, we learn the two had a human son. Sab...

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Mystique 0

The action continues as Sabretooth hunts down Birdy with intensions to kill. His goal end up being to have her get into his head for answers about the Tribune. The Sabretooth tracks down Mystique in Paris. Mystique gets cornered and turns into Sabretooth's mother. This shocks and confuses him along with us readers. Sabretooth has a flashback of his fater trying to kill him and ends up kill his wife instead. Mystique says that she is in fact not Sabretooth's mother. (This is Mystique and Sabretoo...

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Death Hunt 0

Together, Larry Hama and Mark Texeira really bring out Sabretooth in this four part series.This story takes place after Wolverine #64. Sabretooth was trapped inside a plant pod by the Psi Borg, a member of the original Weapon X program who created all the memory implants. (Explanined in the Wolverine comics.)Sabretooth now has a telepathic sidekick that cools Sabretooth's mental pain. Birdy befriends him and the Tribune has Sabretooth captured and is forced to kill Mystique.This a really good ti...

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