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Granted I am no comic writer or comic authority, but in my opinion ever since he has been exposed to sunlight as a baby Superman's body has matured with "perfect nutrition." Throw him in a red sun environment and he is literally a Super man with a human body at peak perfect condition. That's where I see the difference in strength between Superman and other Kryptonians who never went throw puberty under a yellow sun.

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Almost any version of Superman could render most of these foes helpless by breathing them into a block of ice and lobbing them helplessly into outer space.

All Star Superman even has some good chances against Zeus and Thor.

- All Star Superman can actually see cosmic forces and subatomic particles. So he might be able to at least see Thor and Zeus's cosmic powers charging up and coming at him like no other foe could.

- Every cell in Superman is on par with hardened Adamantium in terms of toughness making Superman invulnerable to physical Mjolnir blows.

- At full power Superman's laser eye vision can burn and slice his own "invulnerable" body. So its no stretch at all to say his eye beams can slice apart Mjolnir and Asgardian armor into Swiss cheese.

- Mjolnir can has been be wield by "worthy individuals" besides Thor. Considering his heroic and powerful traits of Superman should easily be able to catch Mjolnir in midthrow and wield it himself just as Bor was able to do in a fight with Thor.

- Don't know about Zeus, but Thor has been ko'd by mere mortals on multiple occasions. Needless to say even a fatigued Superman should have more then the strength and speed needed to knockout punch them both out at the blink of an eye.

That being said my take on the gauntlet is that an All Star Superman lacks the endurance and good health for taking on the gauntlet alone. Without the help of his Suneater, gravity gun, and Superdrone team to distract and soften up the big bads he would tire out and lose big time.