just had my haircut to a skinhead a few weeks ago.. and i really felt refreshed, energized and inspired since it was m first time to have a skinhead. it's like making a big career the first time i watched spiderman 1. i was in sixth grade then, and after watching i felt changed, like i felt i have a purpose in life, that i can be someone big despite all the flaws and problems i have.. i hope the new spidey flick inspires the watchers, especially the kids, after watching it.

Posted by Renchamp

"Skinhead" is alarming, as it is associated with bigots and violent racists. Maybe you mean you shaved your head bald? (Unless being a skinhead is inspiring.)

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Posted by freedom

I'm from the Philippines, and skinhead is what local barbers call it, ala Chris Evans' hairdo in Fantastic Four. Being in a tropical country, most guys tend to have short haircuts, and having this haircut cools us down. Also, I'm really into things that I don't usually do right now or afraid to do before, in a way to push myself to positive changes. One of those things is having a shaved head. That's why I'm quite inspired physically and emotionally with this move.