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pathetic 0

ock isn't cleaning up the streets, are you blind? he's taking down his rivals from his days of being a "super" villain.Its got nothing todo with him becoming a hero, you've been dupped. Its pathetic this title is so highly rated by cv.What made me so angry is "spider-man" finding a street dealer, not being a "priority". Get a new writing team, and clean up this farse of a title....

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I wish there were zero stars 0

First off, if the "newest" thing is comics, comic->movies is to do "darker", "edgier" versions I guess I just don't get the appeal. Superman is a "all american" boyscout; he doesn't kill. I can't believe anybody, who's ever read a comic or watched a movie prior, would like this "reboot" - if you can call it that. Its as if they wrote this movie and at the last minute made it about a man called clark kent, who just happens to be superman. Its full of nothing but cgi, explosions, and fast camer...

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cheap ploy to sell comics 0

disappointing. Marvel will be stretching out this horrible plotline for a while longer. probably to coincide with ASM 2. It wreaks of another cash grab, and (in my mind) is just as badly written as death of superman. It shows no respect for the average reader... And issue after issue SPock shows no signs of character development, no signs of Parker's return. What's with the hero's of marvel universe? Are they @##@%$&.... Save your money until Parker returns. Hopefully sooner than later. I'd ...

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horrible, hack writting with absolutely no redeeming value 0

It just keeps getting worse. He doesn't draw me in, or make me empathetic to the character. If anything every issue just fustrates me more, make me hate slott more and more critical of marvel and their "thought" processes. I've give it a zero star rating, if it were possible....

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