Pimp my profile

"You'll earn +1000 bonus XP if 1000 users complete this set this week.
It would be interesting to have more realistic missions... 1000 views on my profile? Maybe in two years ...    

BOOM Studios & Stan Lee

I learned yesterday, on the site, the arrival of three new characters this fall: Soldier Zero, The Traveller and Starborn. These new releases come from BOOM Studios. Stan Lee, I understand, has been consulted . It did not happen that often he's not fully involved in the entire creative process.

I asked a question, maybe an easy question, but one question: how far BOOM needed the collaboration of Stan Lee?

Mind you, I does not question here the qualities of this icon of the comic universe. But is it possible, at the same time, there is a decision of publicity behind this collaboration? Is it possible that they would say with Stan Lee in the background, success was perhaps warranty?

Imagine the same, launching these three new characters, by BOOM, without Stan Lee. Honestly, is that your interest would have been the same? Would you has the same desire to buy this fall?    


Batman and superstrength

I'm fairly new to the world of comics and I put a big question about Batman. I know his power and his detective skills but how could he survive a villain who is super-strong? Is that why the the majority of his ennemies have never superstrength as power?