05/02 Let Down Week

This week in my comics was a pretty big let down. First of all I was embarrassed by Action Comics #9. It was Obama as president and every other superhero was black except batman because hes already "The Dark Knight". My god and what a horrible introduction to a multiverse villain. A rogue Superman would have made a great villain if they actually set it up better. Earth Two wasn't as as bad if it didn't have the whole gloom and doom parts. The new looking Alan Scott and Jay Garrick are nothing like their predecessors. Plus getting rid of the big 3 in one book leaves us with no impressions of their deaths nor can we feel for them. Worlds Finest seemed to be the most tolerable but just barely. The characters seem very bland, they don't try to stand out in ways they should. The story setting from Earth Two makes no sense and the dialogue isn't sucking me into the crisis they should be in. Sure by now they would have gotten used to Earth One but I feel no sense of sorrow or lose for these characters when all they are doing is living it up and then out of no where try to make it seem like they've been searching for a way home this whole time. All in all this whole week of looked forward to comics for me personally turned out to be a disaster. I hope you guys weren't as disappointed.

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Comis in life

Has anyone ever envisioned how a hero or villain would act in a real life situation. I know my experience isn't real life but close enough. While watching The Hunger Games when "You know who" dies and "Its that person" cradles their body I imagined how Saint Walker would have felt and acted during. So how about the rest of you?


Justice League New Origin

It was a new and interesting origin for the Justice League. Taking down one of the most vial, titanic beings in the universe such as Darkseid. But what other equally powerful and deadly villian could the Justice League have taken on for their first team up in DC history? You be the judge!


New 52 still unseen

I have just as many questions as anyone and I now want YOUR opinion. Who would you most like to see in the New 52 that they haven't shown yet. Me personally I would love to see the new or slightly altered Doomsday and his origin.



Wishing Toonami would come back since Adult Swim showed some great episodes for an April Fools joke.