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looking this preview... i guess there will be no problem with the art... let see if the story goes well too. :D

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@k4tzm4n: is that how tim smile... ahem... cry... lol!

the covers are all great. i like capullo most. :D

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nice poster

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I,m quite excited to see the jla roster anc how will their future will be. Martian manhunter got quite power booster in this timeline. In previous incarnation he is a bit loner and observer, now he got some dark side in him as well.... Well at least that what i got so far. Also the final page quite surprising me.... I meant as i remember i never see ollie as infiltrator type. Rather as "ambush or sniper type" on the team. To be honest, i,m quite happy to see this role for him.

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Well... Soon or later he will drop the book. And its been 9 years... Geoff and all the team already put many elements and expands its universe big. So... I guessed i understand. But what worried me is who will continue the franchise? Before geoff... GL is betwean kyle, stewart, hal, and guy. Now... 4 of them are having their chance plus baz, though i still not familiar with this new GL. I hope next team can continue the! I hope they even better.

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actually if he had back from death again... i think this will be the 2nd time he cheat or maybe "defeat" death... by that time alone, he already deserve the greatest black lantern as he overcome death/life, i think.

not the mention that he was spectre before.

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@Dark_Guyver : not for me. Sometime I still read some of them. But never made them as reference.

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i like how they write about SS and WW right now. 1st, i want to say that i am not LL hater. infact i love how clark and lois romance in past. but to be honest... i felt the intresthing aspect of Clark-Lois is kind of gone after they get merried back then. some story (about their romance) quite good after they get merried, but ... its... hmm... what should i say... most of all a bit boring... most of all what i kind of dislike (i don;t hate but not really like) is everything is "too" related to lois. supes down, he remember lois 1st, he fight for lois 1st, he gone ramapage bcoz of lois (die or hurt?), etc ... its like supes can't put personal matter for a bigger thing... if you know what i meant.

may be becoz Lois too intact to earth. meanwhile somewhere i miss supes adventure in space or anywhere else. i miss supes adventure like he was younger.

So right now... yes... i,m one of supes-ww suporter. i don't know how they will end up... but i kind of enjoy the story. how about Lois Lane... i think she still around. infact she kind a shit in the butt which can,t be remove. whenever supes there... its a big chance you will met Lois and Jimmy lurking for the news. Digging the new or "the hole" about supes.

my question is how about "other" supes gf? lana lang, maxima, etc... i kind want to see their "reintroduce" too...