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Joker's got this all the way

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Battle's between The Joker and Lex Luthor, I go for The Joker, all the way.

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He has to get it back, it turned out to be a nice use in the Death of the Family arc cause it made it all the more creepier, but now it just wouldn't work, I mean we already have another villain that walks around with half of his face burned off. I hope he gets it back and hopefully we'll get a good story out of it, hopefully.

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Nope, if Batman had killed The Joker he would've lost everything he has ever stood for since the very beginning, that promise he did to his parents would've been lost, because in that right moment in which he killed Joker, he would've become a killer himself, and that's definitely not the Batman we love, besides come on, the first thought I got when I read that this was going to be a "Death of the Family" and that it would be an epic event that would push the Dark Knight to his limits, was that in the end he was most likely going to kill The Joker, and that would've sucked for the reason I just stated, also because it was way too predictable, and therefore a tad bit boring, and besides they would have brought him back eventually, just as if Joker had killed anyone in the family. So, I guess in my opinion, the issue itself was a masterpiece, it was great, psychologically deep and smartly executed by the master that is Scott Snyder, killing Joker would've killed the entire arc for me.

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I also think he's asexual but y'know it kinda depends on the writer, it's also been said that Harley kind of woke up his sleeping libido and that's why he hates her, cause he ain't got time for that kinda thing. I don't think he's gay either, and I agree with this obsessive crush he's got with the Dark Knight but I don't see it as being sexual. I'd say that when he's extremely bored and doesn't have anything else to do he goes to Harley. I think he just doesn't give a fuck about that kinda thing.

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LOL omg what you go Snyder you go man fuck motherfucking horses

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I didn't really get the point of this, I mean yes, we all know how crazy and determined Joker is, and you're right, that doesn't make him more of a threat, and as I read in the previous comment, this was something made by Tony Daniel, and as far as I know, he hasn't commented on what his initial purpose was, so Scott Snyder was the one that had to pick this all up, and I guess in terms with current Death of the Family story arc, it made sense, since what Snyder writes is pretty horrific, and Capullo does a great job with his art, and also, Snyder has said that there is indeed a point to The Joker cutting his face off, which hasn't been revealed just yet, so I guess we have to just wait for the next issues, and honestly, I wouldn't like him being like this in a permanent way because it just doesn't really feel like The Joker ... but oh well, who knows, as I said before, we just have to wait.

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uhh, to the user who made this post, just ... No. Oh well, I guess you get points for trying

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It has to get reattached, because as it was said before, it just doesn't feel right to have him walking around without it, he's too much of a "diva" and his vanity wouldn't really allow it, so Snyder's gonna have to tell something really interesting and intriguing for me to believe it ... since Tony Daniel didn't really explain, or if he did, I haven't seen it yet ...

I'd be greatly disappointed if they killed The Joker, because that's just way too expected, what would be the thing that would completely destroy the Bat-Family and Bruce's morality and all that stuff ? if they killed. and which better character to start it with than The Joker, but it's just too expected, as I said, I hope Snyder is a bit more creative with that, what he's done in Batman has been tremendously great, so it'd be, for me at least, a huge disappointment if it happened.

And, of course, there's also the fact of how incredibly popular he is and all that, so I find it really hard DC would kill their most notorious and admired villain.