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Well Ms. Marvel should definitely have her own solo series.  I love the evolution of the character and would definitely add it to my pull list.  There's many good female characters in the Marvel universe, but Ms. Marvel seems to be one who I see as a solo character (unless she goes back to the mighty avengers, which is the team she belongs on IMO).

Also, Spider-Woman.  I picked up the last series on ebay cheaply, wasn't expecting much out of it, and despite the gripes I did have with it, it was one of the best series I had read in a long time. I hope they do resurrect  SW

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It was probably my favorite comic book movie since the Dark Knight and Batman Begins... those were perfect.

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I thought the Red Skull needed to be more evil and obsess with killing Cap more like the comics.. you know build up the relationship to show that these two are bitter enemies more.  That was my biggest problem really.  Granted, they only have limited time but in the comics the two met a  lot and whatnot.  That was my biggest problem.

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This is awesome! Thanks for sharing

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I thought it was really well done, one of the best movies about a comic book character.

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@castleking said:
pfff.. i cant believe these kids prefer Harry Potter over comic superhero movies.. *slap*
My boys love Harry Potter but they told me ever since after we saw Thor that if they can only see one more movie for the next year the only one they must see is Captain America. :)
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As it was said, DC did have the Star Spangled Kid, but IMO Superman has the role of Captain America in DC (a leader who people turn to for hope with a solid head on his shoulders) so I'm glad Captain America is in the Marvel Universe

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I think it was Marvel's best movie to date.  Thor was pretty damn good too, and so was Iron Man...

But let's see if that changes after I see it a second time (I saw every other Marvel movie at least twice), to be fair....  I do remember having similar thoughts when I first saw Thor and Iron Man too....

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I thought Thor was possibly Marvel's best movie when I saw it but now I think Captain America was even better!

Someone said on another thread the ending seemed a little crammed, having Cap unfrozen and brought into modern day.   I do agree that it would have been better if they learned he was still alive in the Avengers... still a totally awesome movie!

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I believe Thor was Marvel's top grossing movie to date with the exception of the Spider-man series.  It surpassed FF #1, Iron Man 1&2 (individually), all any one the X-Men as well as both Hulks combined!

I think the second Hulk movie and both Iron Man's helped Thor a lot though as they weren't some terrible big screen adaption like say Daredevil.