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@dcfox: I would say if after reading the second issue you still don't like the first issue then maybe this series is not for you. I found that not only was the second issue much more straightforward in storytelling, but it should answer most of your biggest questions about the first issue as well.

After reading the first issue, I had a ton of questions and it was clear the second issue would be make or break for the series -- I liked the first issue, but I liked it a lot more after the second issue made the storyline much more coherent too.

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Well I did really enjoy the first issue. It has a very unique approach to storytelling, and the art is spot on. I tried to read it last night but I was dead tired and wasn't really making sense of it, but I just read it again and I'm looking forward to the next issue.

Whether this is a 3.5 or a 5, to me really depends on the next couple of issues. It is a solid start but at the same time, I feel it's the following issues that will really make or break it.

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I'm going to give this a shot. It's not even my genre, but given the creative team I'll give it a shot and see what I think.

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Also there is a sort of marriage between superheroes and comics. You can get good detective stories, SciFi, westerns etc in novels and movies, but short of recent Marvel movies and the Batman trilogy, we never get good superhero stories in other mediums - and even then , it's somewhat limiting as they try to keep the story grounded at the same time in movies and they only make so many before the next reboot etc.

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I respect your choice to move on to other mediums, but at the same time I will always love superhero comics too. As I've gotten older and taken on more responsibilities, I have had to cut down on the number of comics on my pull list not only due to time but due to other financial responsibilities too, and I will say that I found the ones I did keep are much more enjoyable, vs a time I was getting a pile of 20-30 a month and barely had time to read them all etc.

The point I am trying to make is variation is good.

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@erik said:

Also, in the very next issue, Thor almost killed Rulk with ease.

And wasn't it shortly after that where Thor killed Sentry?

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Lacey Chabert

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I believe Sinestro would not only need a very far apart starting distance to have a chance, but he would have to get her by surprise to have any sort of a chance. I still think Diana has this one in the bag though, she can break his constructs and eventually get to him and break his ring too.