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@br_havoc said:

The current creative teams final issue is 36 and it will be one sad day when that issue comes out.

That's only four more issues.... sad to think about it. I think Wonder Woman has been DC's best series going currently and in a very long time, and quite possibly the best comic going currently. It's so good...

For those who haven't read it, it's one of those series that reads even better in trade form... go pick it up.

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Jesus was nailed to a cross... Thor carries a hammer. Any questions?

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Honestly, I'm more excited about the Shazam movie than the Justice League movie... DC doesn't seem to have any idea what they are doing so I'm not expecting much from the Justice League movie, sadly

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I have a metal plate in my skull... I'm screwed lol (not really, but I had to)...

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@zhurong said:

@jayc1324: Where is proof that she cant? Wonder Woman is very worthy to lift the hammer

I agree. If DC has any two heroes that can lift the hammer, it would have to be Superman and Wonder Woman. So she may fare pretty well against Thor.

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If there was any doubt before, after seeing all the asskickery in TWS, Cap clearly curbstombs. Sure Clooney Batman took some hits from Freeze, but he wouldn't land a hit on Cap regardless.

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I think Thor may very well be able to defeat either Superman or Doomsday. Even Superman may have difficulty with Hulk as well, but his arsenal is so much larger he could handle him.

It would happen something like this.

Round 1 goes to team 2 - Thor and Superman tends to hold back, but the deciding factor is Superman's magic weakness

Round 2 goes to team 1, reason being is after a loss in round 1, Superman stops holding back first.

Round 3 goes to team 1 - Hulk and Thor say screw this, and start fighting each other.

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Great series so far

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@deaditegonzo said:

it may surprise you, but I agree. I would pull Supes and Batman out of the JLA, as they both hold the team back in different ways. DC would probably do it too, but sadly the sales would plummet.

all Superman needs is a depowerement. He can still be the strongest hero in the DCU without being put in a pedestal, far far up in the sky

Or maybe other characters need an empowerment. Fortunately for the most part, characters like Darkseid are a Justice League enemy not a Superman enemy these days.

Every now and then you see hints of putting Wonder Woman as a solid second behind Superman (and at the start of the New 52 at one point arguably ahead), but over time they always seem to do away with that.

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# For a TV show, I'd have to vote Burn Notice. I could see some cool stuff happening with that. I'd pick Dexter as my second choice, but the overall format to Burn Notice would lend itself to a comic really well already.

For a movie, Back To The Future (or has that been done?)