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Well we know she can fight a little bit, but she clearly isn't ready for the prime-time either. She's had what, 4 or 5 sessions with Wildcat?

But hopefully she stops being the sorry waste of screen time she has been though. At least her costume looks pretty cool!

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It's weird having a woman being Thor to be honest... but I've definitely enjoyed Aaron's run to date, and the first two issues of the female Thor have also been great. Shouldn't it be Thorena, or Thora?

When I was reading the second issue, I had a very strong feeling that the new Thor was Jane Foster or Sif, mostly by her knowledge of the Asgardians and Earth, although neither character necessarily knows Darrio Agger

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A well done Wonder Woman video game could be great advertising for the movie too...

One thing that I can think of that WW would bring to a video game is training modes. She trains with fellow Amazons, so side missions and training missions would be cool!. Then she can fight bosses in cities or fight Hades in hell, or the First Born in Olympus... lots they can do with her storyline and also with the toys she has available like the invisible jet, lasso of truth, etc.

Now, they very well may make a video game to follow the movie, but video games based off of movies are always downright awful! The only exception I can think of was Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64 and that was how many years ago?

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Who wins? It depends if Batman has kryptonite or not really...

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I'm glad they're doing a Wonder Woman movie and a Shazam movie. I have always felt that if done right, Captain Marvel could be a huge success on the big screen.

Also, I'm glad Green Lantern is getting a reboot. They could easily make Sinestro be the Loki of the DC universe if done right...

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It's possible that they're probably cancelling FF, killing them off so they can make a big return and try to give sales a boost too. Or maybe they're planning a huge reboot.

I'd bet they're planning some sort of a reboot/fresh look for when the movie arrives myself...

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Overall, I would call this fight a draw. But the given that they are only 30 feet apart, and that there's cover, the conditions favor Elektra as she's the superior melee combatant. I would say Elektra takes 6/10 here. If it was the desert, I'd say the opposite.

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@br_havoc said:

The current creative teams final issue is 36 and it will be one sad day when that issue comes out.

That's only four more issues.... sad to think about it. I think Wonder Woman has been DC's best series going currently and in a very long time, and quite possibly the best comic going currently. It's so good...

For those who haven't read it, it's one of those series that reads even better in trade form... go pick it up.

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Jesus was nailed to a cross... Thor carries a hammer. Any questions?

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Honestly, I'm more excited about the Shazam movie than the Justice League movie... DC doesn't seem to have any idea what they are doing so I'm not expecting much from the Justice League movie, sadly