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I wouldn't have picked him for Punisher, but he's a good actor and I'm pretty sure he will make a great Punisher.

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She's going to be a great killer frost...

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She really is a pretty woman. Personally, I think Barry should come out and tell her he's the Flash and then she says that she knows...

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I don't like the spikes either but I'm generally ok with this overall.

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so ill either have to get the event books, or be lost...

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I have always felt like her supporting cast and motivation has never really been solidified. I think Kelly Sue's run has been great at answering who is Carol Danvers, but by making her a space job, her place in the world seems to be wherever she feels like being. Where characters like Spiderman, Thor and Iron Man have their supporting cast and their place in the world clearly defined...

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I agree that having her take the mantle up later would be the best, but asking them to hash out Captain Marvel and all in the cinematic universe is also asking a lot and I wouldn't expect it to happen.

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Comicvine hasn't made me love or hate a character, writers have!

But if Comicvine was going to ruin a character for me, it would be Batman, Hulk, Thor and Superman, roughly in that order.

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Hey felllow comicviners,

I have been looking into creating a site for daily comic book battles, which I would give scores for participation to users who sign up, and integrate into social media so you see the battle of the day on your facebook wall, etc. for a while now.

Due to several logistics issues of what I want to do, phase 1 of the site will be creating the internet comic fight database, which will keep track of which issues certain characters fight in, so if you wanted to see Hulk vs Thor for example, you could find the issues. I can use Comicvine's wonderful API in order to pull all the issues, but in order to make this work, I will the need support of users (dedicated comic fans) to actually add the fights to the site.

So basically what I am trying to find out is to gauge if anybody is interested and if anybody would seriously be able to help add content, and likes my idea before I start working on it. As I said, I do not have time to add many fights myself and build and maintain the site so it would be up to the users to make anything out of it.

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Well we know she can fight a little bit, but she clearly isn't ready for the prime-time either. She's had what, 4 or 5 sessions with Wildcat?

But hopefully she stops being the sorry waste of screen time she has been though. At least her costume looks pretty cool!