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How could a table header that's barely a quarter of an inch take up too much space? I think you may be misunderstanding what I'm suggesting. I'm talking about what is at the top of the episode page in the picture I posted. The small portion where it says Punk Hazard and has all the episode numbers linked.

I also haven't been on Screened since Rorie left. I haven't the foggiest what you're talking about.

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@razzatazz: @pikahyper:

What does it matter the amount of points earned for it? It's incredibly convenient for navigating and entire season from a single page.

With that table guide at the top, you can navigate every episode in a season/arc. I can also navigate the story arcs in order.

Yes, there are story arc pages in the wiki, but that doesn't always tell you which arc happened before or after. They also don't appear to link to series. Anime also often has filler arcs, which by site rules wouldn't be allowed. Not to mention so few comic shows ever follows arcs from comics. Then there are shows such as X-FILES or SMALLVILLE. This table guide at the top of each episode page could guide readers through the seasons.

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@pikahyper: @razzatazz:

This is just a suggestion for the episode pages, but on Anime Vice we started adding a table header with links to each episode within an arc/season. It makes it really fast and easy to browse through an entire series. It's especially helpful for going through larger series.

Here's a picture example from ONE PIECE Ep. 613.

You can see the name of the arc at the top "Punk Hazard". That's the most recent arc. The arrows to the left and right are used to scroll through the various arcs. By hitting that arrow to the left of the arc name, I can quickly go to the first episode of the arc that happened before this one. With the linked numbers below, I can very quickly get to any episode that appears within the Punk Hazard arc.

Something such as this might be helpful in this new series format. Though, that would probably go with seasons instead of arc names for most series.

I was unsure about this when we first started adding it, but I've really found it helpful.

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Orrr could do what I plan to do. Wait a couple months for the game-of-the-year edition that will have ALL this on the disc and at a lower initial cost. I got fed up after ARKHAM CITY had their DLC version released a few months later. I really want to play this, but I can wait.

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I can understand that. My internet was down most of the day for some reason, but I was able to complete the episode lists for about five of the series I've added. I also started in on ONE PIECE. I'm going to take that by story arcs, since it's so large.

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You keep talking about conforming, but you've yet to explain what I have or haven't done to warrant the accusation. I do plan to fill in full episode lists. I just created a few series that I enjoy and most of them have relatively shorter episode runs (minus ONE PIECE and such long running series).

If you want more focus on filling in episode lists. I'll put more focus on there. I had no intention of leaving these things empty. I just don't have infinite time to edit wiki pages. There are more things I need to do in a day.

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I'm not sure about the purpose of singling me out on this topic, then later editing out those parts. I can see the original in my notifications.

I haven violated any of these rules. The series I've added are almost all primarily manga first. The only questionable one would be PERSONA 4, but that has two seperate manga (PERSONA 4 and PERSONA 4 ARENA) and an incredible number of spin-offs volumes.

Is anyone complaining about DEXTER? Which is mainly a TV show.

As far as Japanese series, this is a primarily English site. The English name should be the main focus in most cases. You could look to NARUTO SHIPPUDEN. There is word Shippuden has an English translation, but the English edition uses the Japanese term.

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Giving an explaination doesn't excuse the fact they are pulling back on a death that had meaning. You returned the character. Clone, LMD, dead for a few seconds. None of that changes that the character is back. If they weren't willing to let the character go, they shouldn't have done the death to begin with.