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Name Change & Alias

Fighting Lion name change to "Agyo".

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I was trying to upload episodes to the KILL LA KILL series page, but the Add Episode link didn't reload the page. I pressed it twice, then I reloaded the page when that failed to do anything. I then discovered that I had double added the Episode 4. Rather than trouble a mod with this issue, I renamed and numbered it to make it Episode 5.

I however ran into a problem as I was trying to change the cover image. The image I selected loaded fine, but every time I try and make said image into the cover for this episode, I keep getting this error message, "An error occurred while uploading the image".

Point of fact, if I try to edit any portion of these episode pages, such as adding a character, I get a notice at the top of the screen that says, "Whoops, looks like we ran into an error". The "Comment and Save" editing window in the bottom left then becomes completely unresponsive. Once I am forced to completely reload the page, I find that the edit I selected has been added. Now, when I try to end this page, by say adding another character. I can't seem to submit any edits, regardless of reloading the page.I don't even get the "Whoops" notification.

This doesn't appear to be a site wide problem, because I can edit character pages with no trouble.

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Why in the first trailer for the movie do you reveal Harry sharing with Peter he's being followed, Harry talking with Norman, and Peter's dad had a secret subway lab to oppose Oscorp? Your first trailer should be as vague as possible. Save some story for the freakin' movie or later trailers.

The last movie had so many trailers and previews. It had shown nearly 26 minutes of the film months before it was even released.

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The first trailer, and I already feel as if I've seen half the movie. Save plot for when we see the actual movie.

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I've been reviewing ONE PIECE for the front page news section of Anime Vice for about a year now. I review the latest chapters every week. The chapters are on same day English release with Japan through VIZ Media. The website has a free sampler HERE to check out what you'd be getting with the subscription.

The subscription is normally about $26 USD for one year. The magazine is published weekly and averages around 200 pages of content. That is an absolute steal.

Volume 61 may be a good jumping on point, since that's the beginning of the time-skip era.


"DC and Marvel can make blockbuster movies, One Piece still hasnt reached that level."

I beg to differ. ONE PIECE FILM: STRONG WORLD, the 10th movies of the series, was released in 2009. It was the number one movie in Japan for three weeks straight. On its first week, it set a new nation wide sales record in Japan. It would go on to gross ¥4,700,000,000 ($53 Million). It also just came out on DVD/Blu-ray in the US this month.

In late 2012, ONE PIECE FILM: Z was released. This movie broke STRONG WORLD's previous record.


Liking or disliking art is only subjective.

Having said that. Seeing how ONE PIECE alone outsells all the combined books of Marvel and DC several times over. That says less about ONE PIECE and more about your tastes.

And that's just their sales in Japan. ONE PIECE is sold and translated internationally. If you were to combine their numbers with their sales outside of Japan, it would probably double or triple the numbers.

@joshmightbe @billy_batson

Manga basically markets itself better. They also don't try to artificially connect every single book. They are their own worlds to explore. Not to mention no yearly crossover events.

Sometimes you'll have crossovers, but they're primarily a single chapter that never ties into the plot. They're just for fun.

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Name Change and Alias

Violet was recently revealed to be "Viola", princess of Dressrosa. She took the name Violet while working for Doflamingo to save her father.


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  • Princess Viola

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I'm skeptical but open to Afleck as Batman. Still, they need to get a picture of him in costume as soon as possible. By that, I mean a well lit shot, along the lines of that Cavill Superman picture with the crushed safe.

That said. Smith is hardly an unbiased source. By this new direction, I wonder if they could be going the way of the grey body-armor, ala the ARKHAM CITY game.

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Name Change and Alias

Ricky - It's been recently revealed in ONE PIECE that Ricky is actually "Riku Doldo III" in disguise.

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I'm having similar issues. In some cases, the pictures don't upload at all.