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@nightfang: @cyborg6971:

Oh, platform shoes?! How is that any different than wearing heels? Either way, they're not great for running and keeping your balance. Something a warrior might have to do from time to time.

I like the over all design, of which I made comment upon. It's just stupid that in this day and age people are still giving comic women "HEELS" in any form.

@nightfang: Does it raise her heel? Yes. The point is they look like stripper boots. It's funny how a warrior class of Amazonian woman are wearing boots that have high heels/wedges or whatever the f@ck else you want to call them.

Pretty much. If wedges heels are so great for combat, why aren't Superman and Batman wearing them?

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I like that they lost the star spangled shorts. This design has a much stronger Greek theme, but I wish they'd get rid of the high heels. I wish she had a little more muscular tone to make her look more warrior.

Although, making a nice production photo says nothing about her acting ability, and I'm still concerned that they're over crowding the cast of this movie in an attempt to use it as a spring board for their JUSTICE LEAGUE movie franchise.

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I'm not sure if I'm a fan of the stubby ears, but that's a minor quibble.

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I'm really looking forward to this series. I'm just concerned that it being a Disney DX series that it will lean too hard toward a childish audience. The CLONE WARS movie was pretty awful because of that. However, I was honestly surprised by how dark the CLONE WARS series was willing to go.

I didn't think I'd like the Darth Maul return, but I really enjoyed seeing that character better fleshed out. It's a real shame that series didn't get a more satisfying finale. So many plot lines left open that will likely never have closure.

I was hoping this new series would be a Netflix production.

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I don't know if it's just my imagination, but he looks a lot bigger than the first movie. I like it. Very fitting for Superman.

I'm still concerned about this movie. They just seem to keep adding more and more to the cast.

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Isn't it a touch gross to be promoting what is basically just a viral marketing campaign for a movie on this site?

Do you really think that they won't release these posters and video content if they don't meet these numbers before the release date? They'll be released regardless.

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The more this cast keeps ballooning the more worried I get. I was actually kind of excited to see Aflec play Batman.

Now, this is seeming less like BATMAN V. SUPERMAN, and more the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie. That's just way too many characters for one film.

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They bring it up because at no time did Batman say he'd never hit someone. His parents weren't killed by a right cross gone horribly wrong. The whole basis of the character is that he's militantly anti-gun. If he's alright with "non-lethal" weapons, then why not use a gun filled with rubber bullets? It's sort of confusing why someone who is so passionate about that detail would both design car that uses guns and mount them on the car.

As others have said above, just attaching the guns to a vehicle doesn't change the fact he's pulling the trigger on a gun.

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Rubber bullets fired out of high powered guns are still lethal. They can also be lethal when fired from a 45 if at close range. Heck, Brandon Lee was killed by a blank that was packed too solid.

None of this changes the fact that Batman is pulling the trigger on a gun. Just attaching it to a car doesn't change the fact he's pulling the trigger.

Why not just give him an EMP gun? He had one in DARK KNIGHT RISES.