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An American live-action remake of an anime with a white person as the star? Those always turn out great!!

Edge of Tomorrow turned out good

Agreed, though it wasn't based on an anime. "All You Need Is Kill" was originally a novel.

I read the manga of ALL YOU NEED IS KILL. The EDGE OF TOMORROW was only a very loose adaptation of the story. They kept the time travel, but lost all the darker aspects of the character relationships.

As with most things, the book was better.

I'm just incredibly sick of Hollywood taking ethnic characters and casting them as some white person. Scarlett will just be playing basically the same person she does in AVENGERS. People are probably going to see this and mistake it for the Black Widow movie. Even Grace Park (Boomer/Athena in BATTLESTAR GALACTICA) would have been a better choice. She has experience in drama and playing a humanoid-machine.

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Fine, just continue to live in your angry little world of doubt before you've ever even seen this style of sword used in a single frame of combat.

People also bitched and complained about Maul's double lightsaber when they first saw it in the original trailer. They said it "didn't make sense". Now, people love it.

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Lightsabers, by their very existence, don't make sense to begin with. Beams of energy that only extend to a certain length, can cut through anything but themselves, but don't radiate any ambient heat until the blade touches another object. It defies the laws of physics. None of that matters, because they're just cool.

It's just a bloody hand guard. It makes sense that the guard would be made of the same energy blade, since that's the only thing a lightsaber can't cut through. It's not as if they're saying that all lightsabers are going to be designed like that. So far, it's just this one person with this design. No one has seen this used in combat, so no one can actually say, one way or another, how much sense it makes. People are just flipping out because it's something different.

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I love reading all the impudent internet rage at the new lightsaber shown in the STAR WARS trailer. I think it looks rad. I love the way the energy just erupts out of it. Great for a Sith. This looks like a Crusader-style broad sword. Energy guards makes sense to me. Considering the only thing a lightsaber can't cut through is itself. What good is a guard that can be cut?

I also remember people complaining about Maul's double lightsaber, back in the day.

Another funny complaint I read. One person said they wont see it if the film starts with the Disney logo instead of the 20th Century Fox logo. Disney buying the rights is the only reason we have an opportunity for a great new movie.

I finished re-re-re-reading THE HOBBIT just last month. The reason the book version is so short is because it just summarizes many of the biggest events. Smaug's defeat is told through flashback, and the War of Five Armies is summed up in a paragraph or two. It just explains that Bilbo kills Bolg, gets knocked out, and wakes up after it's all over to discover Thorin is dying for some reason. The book also never explains what Gandalf is up to when he keeps showing up and leaving. I think the book explains it as, "- that's a story for another time."

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YES!! I don't care about Dr. Strange, but I can't wait for this movie with Cumberbatch as the lead.

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Selina as the head of a crime family certainly has potential.

Pretty much anything that sweeps that Tim Burton-esque rip-off of an origin under the rug would also be welcome.

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Name Change

Don Quixote Corazon name changed to "Don Quixote Rocinante". Corazon is a codename.


  • Corazon
  • Cora
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Name Change

Ryuko's Scissor Blade changed to Rending Scissors


  • Scissor Blade

As the series progressed, it was later revealed that Ryuko's Scissor Blade was half of the original called the "Rending Scissors". It makes more sense to have this one page than two for different halves.

This means you can also delete the page for Nui's Scissor Blade, since it's just the other half of the Rending Scissors and Ryuko claims both halves by the end of the series. I already moved any associated pictures over to what will be renamed.

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Image Deletion

Delete the images with the "Delete" tag that I added. These images have links and watermarks that I didn't notice until after I downloaded them and added to the profiles.

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