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YES!! I don't care about Dr. Strange, but I can't wait for this movie with Cumberbatch as the lead.

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Selina as the head of a crime family certainly has potential.

Pretty much anything that sweeps that Tim Burton-esque rip-off of an origin under the rug would also be welcome.

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Name Change

Don Quixote Corazon name changed to "Don Quixote Rocinante". Corazon is a codename.


  • Corazon
  • Cora
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Name Change

Ryuko's Scissor Blade changed to Rending Scissors


  • Scissor Blade

As the series progressed, it was later revealed that Ryuko's Scissor Blade was half of the original called the "Rending Scissors". It makes more sense to have this one page than two for different halves.

This means you can also delete the page for Nui's Scissor Blade, since it's just the other half of the Rending Scissors and Ryuko claims both halves by the end of the series. I already moved any associated pictures over to what will be renamed.

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Image Deletion

Delete the images with the "Delete" tag that I added. These images have links and watermarks that I didn't notice until after I downloaded them and added to the profiles.

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I really agree with your review of the first episode.

It seems good and has potential. My biggest problem is that they introduce every character within a single episode. I thought they were going to spread these characters out a bit more, a couple characters per episode. It just seems weird that ALL of these characters are in some way tied into the events of the Waynes murder.

The series feels as if it just has conspiracies everywhere.

We are of the same mind about "that character". I really don't want to see him again. That would be crossing the line..

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Characters in mainstream comics never really die. They go on hiatus. Some are just longer than others. Death by its very definition means they don't come back.

Death of major characters is only now used as a marketing tool to boost sales and media coverage. I always chuckle when I see the news media talking the "death of ??". These people are so oblivious that they don't realize the character will just be back in a few months.

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Delete Images

I've accidentally added some images to some character galleries that don't belong. I've marked them with the "Delete" tag in their respective galleries.

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The only thing that irritates series is that it's not airing yet, and we have to wait until Fall.