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I do like the art design they chose. I just question if Bruce would be so bold as to show off his detective skills as Bruce.

She has an interesting name. Her surname sounds Japanese, and Tatsu is the Japanese word for a Chinese dragon.

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I like the look they chose for the animation, but I hate it when a series makes their villains so ridiculously one-dimensional. I mean, did Ann Nocenti write that dialog? Just becasue it's a kids' show doesn't mean the bad guys need to be so cartoonish.

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My reaction to the end of BIOSCHOCK: INFINITE

I'm pleased to hear James is back on the podcast. I feel sort of silly about the question I submitted months ago asking his thoughts on comics with twists.I understand that he kind of had some 'things' going on.

I wasn't talking about quick twists. I was talking about something that leads you along for a good long while, then pulls the rug out from under you. That's what BIOSHOCK tends to do.

I'm also glad Tony just cut out the others. I'm sure there are more questions backed up.

I was born and raised in Kentucky, as was much of my family. My heritage is half German and Scottish. I make plenty of German jokes.

I don't mind things when they go off topic for a bit. That happens alllll the time on the Giant Bomb cast. I just don't watch a lot of trailers for movies that I want to see. I didn't watch nearly any trailers for MAN OF STEEL or IRON MAN 3. I also didn't want any on STAR TREK.



ONE PIECE (weekly)

A lot of the weekly manga series will have staff, but it's never very clear what the staff is responsible for or how many there are. Especially if you are a large series, such as ONE PIECE or NARUTO. Weekly manga are responsible for nearly 18 to 20 pages a week. Eiichiro Oda does the main story writing and art. His staff mainly does inking (maybe on this), adding in the grey scale for shading and depth, someone on typesetting, and I think some proofreading before it goes to the editor.

Editors in manga can have a lot of influence. Though, it more often seems like collaboration instead of demanding. They are mainly responsible for keeping things on time. I believe it's one editor per series. Back in the earlier years of ONE PIECE, Oda wanted to do all these little side stories in Loguetown, but his editor pushed him to hurry things to the Grand Line, where the real story was to begin. More famously, Akira Toriyama, the creator of DRAGON BALL, wanted Piccolo to be possessed in the Buu Saga. However, his editor convinced him that the fans really wanted to see Goku and Vegeta fight again. Toriyama liked that idea more and made it Vegeta.

Oda also does TONS of promotional art for Shueisha (ONE PIECE publisher) for merchandise, and he executive produced two of the more recent ONE PIECE movies -- OP: STRONG WORLD and OP: Z. He's been drawing this one series weekly since 1997. Longest break the series has had was a one month break a few years ago.


Ken Akamatsu, creator of NEGIMA, uses a lot of computer models for creating background settings. I believe one of the people on the staff is responsible for creating those computer environments for Akamatsu to then draw the characters in.

Regardless of the size of a staff, the series doesn't go anywhere without the creator. Just these past two weeks, Oda got sick enough to be hospitalized (wasn't too serious). The series went on an unscheduled break for two weeks right away. It starts back up next week. That makes it pretty apparent that manga chapters aren't drawn months in advance.

Monthly series are a bit different, It more depends on the teams or creators. For instance, HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD is published in a monthly magazine, but I think it's published bi-monthly now. That has Daisuke Sato as the writer, and Shoji Sato as the artist. Shoji Sato also writes and draws his own series, TRIAGE X. at almost the same time he's working on HOTD. Shoji will also occassionally do covers for MONTHLY DRAGON AGE (the magazine that publishes both). I don't believe that Shoji Sato has a staff. If so, it's pretty small.

There are still a lot of people who work solo on manga. If you're a newbie or pitching a story. A creator could be working on every aspect to pitch the manga as a one-shot. If accepted for serialization, a creator may often be able to hire staff to speed things along.

I hope this helps clear some things up.

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Overall, a very enjoyable podcast.

Can't say I'm particularly upset by the fate of Catwoman. The whole Nocenti thing pretty much ruined the character. I just wish that idiotic new origin was wiped away and done right. However, the way major publishers treat death like this is one of the reasons I can't take many series seriously. Part of it is the brutality of being shot in the head. There is a level of finality to it. How can I take death seriously, when publishers use it as a sales tactic?

The rating system on comics seems kind of broken. With manga series, they are more often categorized in genre, and genres are more defined by age groups. Shonen (young boys), Shojo (young girls), Sienen (young adult-male), Josie (young adult-female).

f you want to talk about price points. My digital subscription to WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP cost me roughly about $26. That got me a year subscription to this "weekly" series that normally contains 200 or more pages. It updates every Monday.

I was happy when Sara responded to my question about DC comics by selecting CATWOMAN. I completely agree. Specifically with Nocenti. Probably one of the absolute worst of the reboots.

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Firstly, Happy Birthday, Tony; and I'm shocked you didn't take the day off.

I don't particularly like the music stuff, but I also don't hate it. I'm more indifferent to it.

If I have any real criticism of what they do wrong with Batman in the comics. It's that they give him too many love interests. I know that Bruce needs to give the impression of a playboy, but he seems to get emotionally attached far too easily. You'd think a guy like Bruce would have issues about making himself emotionally available.

I'm glad the issue of James and DC came up. That's very concerning. I'm not talking about getting into the tabloid of the issue or speculating. More, what could this mean for the series. He seemed to have big plans for the series to come. I also just want to know that he's going to be alright. I really like James.

I really don't get the problems people have with a review they don't agree on. It's not as if the site doesn't offer readers an option to create they're own review.

I don't quite get the concept of how they make movies based on comics, but then change everything about them. The series is popular and known becasue of the fans. You want to make a movie because something is popular, then they change the things that make it popular. I know you can't make things to the letter, but that's no excuse for changing entire character motivations and personality.

Regarding my question, I was more thinking along the lines of how SHIELD found Loki based on little more than a photo. As far as this not being their area. SHIELD got involved in the events of IRON MAN 2, that that was primarily a personal matter of Tony's.

I'm with Sara and Tony with ARKHAM ORIGIN. I loved playing ARKHAM CITY, but I got burned on DLC. I wish I had waited for the DLC version and save the money. I'd rather just wait for the later version of the new game with the DLC. You know Deathstoke will be on the DLC Extra version.

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I enjoyed the podcast. It was funny how there was the talk about being on a time crunch, but so much time used playing songs. Not that I mind going off tangent. I keep expecting James to be one, and that's why I haven't submitted any more questions. I don't want to take up time for other people's questions by stacking. I guess I should just start submitting again. Especially given the sad news of James leaving DC.

The thing I don't like about the Angela design is the outfit is just so cliche female design of having a woman wearing body armor that doesn't cover any vital areas.

I bet the drawing I did of Namor's ass looks better than the Nightwing butt image.

CATWOMAN is non-existent to me till they get rid of the Tim Burton origin, and Nocenti. I love the character, but this is just disgraceful to her.

I would love to read Sara's thoughts on reviewing CROSS MANAGE, but that's digital only through VIZ's English WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP edition. =D It's actually a steal. $26 for a year of this weekly 200 page series. You couldn't just get CROSS MANAGE. It's every series SHONEN JUMP publishes. However, CROSS MANAGE Vol. 1 recently becalm available digitally.

I loved the new BSG, but the final season went really stupid really fast for the final season. It honestly felt like they just made up the finale. I know my mother also loved the series, and she's not normally into sci-fi.

I've never read WALKING DEAD comic, but I got tired of the show. The show was dragging, and I just don't find anyone in the series sympathetic. I just didn't care about any of the characters, so I stopped watching.

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Had to watch this on You Tube since the videos don't play on my Kindle since the switch. I'm slightly curious who the jack-ass was who gave it the dis-like. I gave it a like and comment, and I nearly never comment on You Tube.

Appreciate the work, Sara. You might want to check Marvel's Facebook. They posted a picture of the cast for the AGENTS OF SHIELD series.

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Welcome back to the podcast, Sara!

Thank you, Sara, for playing devil's advocate.. There are readers who want to see certain characters that are being expected to wait for their favorite characters post reboot, Even if you don't agree with the position. It was worth mentioning. I feel that publishers are being far too risky thinking that people are willing to wait for them.

I'd figure that James couldn't be on this week. That's why didn't resubmit that question he asked about.

If comic publishers don't want readers to care about continuity, then they need to stop trying to sell this as a connected universe of continuity. They created this expectation and is often the focus of reboots.

The January Jones is one of the reasons why I still haven't seen FIRST CLASS. Soon as I heard she was cast, I ha d good idea where they were going.

I've shaved my head before. You trim it extremely short. and you use a good razor that flexes. It's easy to avoid missing a spot. You just run your hand over your head and check for spots. I don't do it very often. Those razors aren't cheap, and you have to really keep at it.

I once answered a question Fred Perry opened to his fans. He drew one of his characters in a Halloween costume from the PEBBLES & BAM BAM SHOW, Since I guessed the name of the character Perry's character was dressed as, I got a free commission from him.

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I'm hoping they add more Supers. I found Wonder Woman's to be lacking. Batman gets the Batmobile riding through, Superman knocks the person off the planet, but Diana gets Amazons appearing and knock the person around.

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There's no replacement for Sara, but Matt is always a joy to hear on the podcast. Hope Sara is enjoying her vacation. Aww, no podcast next week? Oh well, I enjoyed this week. I may just listen to this one or last week's twice.

Only rule I acknowledge in hot dogs is only mustard on a bratwurst.

CATWOMAN has been bad since Nocenti got her hands on it.


I agree with the consideration about how people say they want innovation, but then complain about things changing. Many of the blogs I write on CV focus on the idea of things that could be changed in comics. Not so much in the story, but in the way they're published and promoted.

I actually seriously considered one of the Whiskey Media internships Ethan announced once, but I live in Kentucky. I just didn't know anyone out that way.

On my devArt page, I draw both sexy looking women and men, and I find my female audience is highly appreciative of the sexy guy drawings. I also get a laugh at just how uncomfortable those pictures make my male audience.


Rather than having a costume switch. I'd like to see the major publishers cross over the ONE PIECE character Emporio Ivankov. He's a character that looks like Tim Curry's Dr. Frank N. Furter from ROCK HORROR. and he has the ability to switch the gender of humans and himself. Have him use his powers to switch the genders of everyone.

In fact, seeing how his page is empty on Comic Vine. I need to go edit that this weekend.

I think my friend request to you on PS3 is still pending.