X-Men 4koma: Sneak Peak

Another Work In Progress

Now, I normally don't do this. I never really scan nor show works at this stage of development. I'm working on a new X-Men 4koma that has a particular purpose behind it. It's for something that I think is rather special. I hope to have it completed before the end of the weekend.
What we see here is just the earliest sketch work. The poses have been completed and it's time for fine details. I thought I would be a bit playful and show you all a hint of what is to come. This is X-Men related, but I purposely cut things off so you can't really tell what will be happening or who these people are. I'm not going to tell you what inspired this one....yet. I even pixelated the preview window to hide a few 'special details'. He, he.
I can tell you that this one is pretty much for the ladies, and for one in particular.

 X-Men 4koma Preview
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Looks awesome! :)
Do you use a tablet?

Posted by ~Mystery~

hmm i wonder

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@Babs said:

" Looks awesome! :)  Do you use a tablet? "

Ohhh, I know you are going to like this. Hopefully, by Monday you are going to want to check my blog.
I don't use a tablet. I draw on paper, and color using my mouse. Its slow going at times. I want to get a tablet, but this is really not the season to go around buying things for one's self.
Posted by ZaberCat

Gasp! You use your mouse?!?! No f**king way! Wow!! I used the wacom pen to draw things easier than mouse. But for you to use a mouse looks like that way you draw easier than mine. Excuse my shock because you used the MOUSE!